Can You Put Carrots in a Garbage Disposal

Carrots with stems laying on a wooden table

It’s the go-to waste removal system that is what many people consider garbage disposal. It is a handy tool that gets rid of waste quickly. Plus, this appliance keeps that waste out of sight throughout the disposal process.

However, it is important to know what can or cannot be put down in your garbage disposal. Putting the right items down can help save you money and extend the life of the appliance. The big question is, can you put carrots down the disposal to get rid of leftovers.

Carrots-Yes; Peels-No

Hand using a vegetable peeler to peel a carrot

This is the tricky situation that comes with disposing of carrots. The peels should not go down into the disposal as they can easily slip past the blades, get caught in different parts, and cause you some clogging problems.

Also, the peels may get caught somewhere in your drain and make it back up into your sink. That would be a mess to clean up. If at all possible, avoid tossing those annoying carrot peels into your sink and flushing them to the sewer through your disposal.

On the other hand, leftover carrots that are uncooked should be able to make it through and get chewed up as they should. Carrots are not fibrous, and the uncooked ones should be weak enough for the blades to handle easily.

Cooked carrots may be the same as carrot peels. They are soft and squishy and may not get chewed up that well by the disposal’s blades. It is better to play it safe and put those cooked carrots in with the peels.

How to Dispose of Carrots Properly

Person dumping food scraps into a compost bin

For peels and cooked carrots, it is best to simply toss them into your kitchen trash can and then move them out to your main garbage can. Then haul that can to the curb for the garbage collectors to pick up on their weekly rounds.

Or you can put them into your compost pile and let them help you develop some nutritious soil for your gardens. That is if you have any gardens to use that soil. As for uncooked carrots, that is up to your judgment.

Some Final Words

Hand wearing a purple glove holding 3 fresh carrots pulled from the garden

The trash can is the easiest way and avoids any issues that carrots of any type may cause in your garbage disposal. Don’t let the convenience of your garbage disposal trick you into putting the wrong items down its chute.

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