Can You Put Tomatoes in a Garbage Disposal

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The Power of The Disposal

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If your garbage disposal is underpowered, then it stands to reason you will have a short list of food items you can send its way. However, if you spent the money and bought very powerful garbage disposal, then your short list grows a lot longer and you can dispose of more food items.

Having the power gives you more opportunity to clean those dirty plates of leftover food. Where do tomatoes fit in with the disposal? Keep reading our article to see if an under-powered disposal will still get rid of that fruit.

It has the information you want to know about and will tell you how much power you actually need to handle this situation.

Can Tomatoes go Through a Disposal

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The good news is that tomatoes are not a fibrous fruit or vegetable. This item should be able to go through an underpowered disposal with ease. However, there is one caveat to this process.

Like potatoes, you should cut the tomato leftovers into smaller pieces to make sure they will not get stuck somewhere in the drain. High-powered disposals will not have a problem with tomato pieces no matter how large they are, within reason of course.

Even with high-powered disposals, you should be careful about the size of the tomato pieces. That way you have no worries, and your drain should remain clear. Use your best judgment when it comes to this fruit/vegetable.

The Alternative Disposal Methods

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When you have them, garbage disposals are a handy tool. They can help speed up the after-meal process and give you more time to spend with your family. But the old-fashioned alternatives are almost just as fast, and they do not use up extra energy to get rid of your tomato pieces.

One of the old-fashioned methods is to simply place all the tomato pieces into the trash under your sink. Then just empty that trash can when it is full into your larger garbage cans used for pick up by the city.

The other old-fashioned method is to simply put the leftover tomatoes into your compost pile or box. Reusing the scraps to feed your garden provides you with healthier plants and vegetables.

Either way, you will be getting rid of those tomato pieces quickly.

Some Final Words

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When possible, get a high-powered garbage disposal. That way you do not have as many worries about what you can or cannot put inside the appliance.

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