KitchenAid Mixer vs Cuisinart

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The Cuisinart name is a blending of the term’s cuisine and art. The name is telling you that their products will help you raise your food-making ability to an art form. This company started with the food processor but has since branched out into making many different small kitchen appliances.

What is a Cuisinart Stand Mixer?

Person sprinkling flour into a mixing bowl

This small kitchen appliance is like any other stand mixer. It goes on your counter and waits until you decide it is time to bake again. Its space-age design helps set it apart from the KitchenAid models.

Unlike KitchenAid, this company was started only 50 years ago (approximately), by one man. The company had many ups and downs over the years and was finally bought out by Con Air. Today Cuisinart makes over 30 different small appliances for the kitchen. They also sell them at affordable prices.

What is a KitchenAid Stand Mixer?

Close up of a pink stand mixer with a bowl full of batter

By now you know the KitchenAid story. Its 100 years of making small appliances like the stand mixer help the company produce top models as well as provide many superficial options like a vast array of colors.

Their stand mixer is one of the best you can buy as it usually comes with 10 speeds and a few attachments, so you are not restricted to just baking pastries and cookies. Because of this top reputation, KitchenAid stand mixers can be some of the most expensive on the market.

How are they Different?

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There are numerous differences between these two appliances. While Cuisinart tries to keep up Kitchen Aid just outdoes them at every turn. For example, the latter company makes several different bowls and in different materials. Cuisinart does not. They only have a few bowl options.

While they have different sizes, Cuisinart is bigger in one category but smaller in another. Concerning wattage use, KitchenAid’s stand mixer has 3 levels of wattage options while Cuisinart only has 2.

Where Cuisinart actually tops KitchenAid is in the number of speed levels available. Cuisinart’s stand mixer comes with 12 speeds while KitchenAid’s only has 10.

How are they Similar?

Over head view of a mixing bowl with flour in it surrounded by baking ingredients and a mixer

The similarities are found in the purpose of a stand mixer and the design. Stand mixers do not have an unlimited amount of design options they can use. Nor does it have more than one real purpose.

Both the KitchenAid and Cuisinart stand mixers fulfill their purpose well and have the features to do that. They also may look similar as design options are very limited. Both companies use stainless steel for their bowls and while Cuisinart uses different colors, it is vastly outdone by KitchenAid.

What’s Better About the Cuisinart Stand Mixer?

Close up of a stand mixer bowl with a whisk attachment

This product basically only beats the KitchenAid competitor in 3 categories. The first is the number of speed levels. This model can go faster than the KitchenAid model. But that difference is only 2 speeds.

The second category Cuisinart wins is in the price range. Its models are about $200 cheaper than the KitchenAid models. That is something to consider. There is a third category that Cuisinart does win. Their warranty is for 3 years while the KitchenAid one lasts for only 1 year.

All three categories are very influential and sometimes outweigh every other category in this competition.

What’s Better About KitchenAid Stand Mixer?

Close up of a white KitchenAid mixer on a granite counter with measuring cups and spoons next to it.

Just about everything. This mixer has a long history which has helped it develop into one of the finest small kitchen appliances possible. Then it comes in more colors than almost any other product combined.

But that is not all. This stand mixer has three power levels, more bowls made from more top-quality construction materials, and more bowl sizes. Then the KitchenAid company supplies you with 10 attachments while the Cuisinart company only provides 5.

Probably the best category of all, Cuisinart products are made in China. The lower quality of craftsmanship can easily be seen when compared to the American-made KitchenAid stand mixer.

Who Should Get Cuisinart Stand Mixer?

Person cleaning the sides of a mixing bowl with a spatula

This product is best for those people on a budget. They can always save up and buy a better brand later on but if one is just starting out in baking, etc., then this is a good stand mixer to use.

It is practical, has some attachments, and lets you get used to baking without having to worry about damaging an expensive appliance. Plus, its 12 speeds make sure every home baker has the power to mix tough ingredients. That is a plus for the novice as they can complete tougher recipes without being discouraged.

Who Should Get KitchenAid Stand Mixer?

Overhead view of a red KitchenAid mixer surrounded by baking supplies

While this product is great for novices, it is best left to those who have a little mixing experience. Mistakes can happen when beginners get nervous, and they will get nervous when using a KitchenAid stand mixer for the first few times.

In general, this small appliance is for just about anyone. It has quality control, the attachments, the different sized bowls, and so on. Just about everything you need to bake well comes with your purchase.

Quick Comparison Chart

  Category  Cuisinart  KitchenAid
  Wattage  350 & 500  275, 325 & 575
  Speeds  12  10
  Where made  China  America
  Weight  12 1/2 & 17 pounds  25, 25 & 18 pounds
  Colors  Up to 11  Up to 47
  Bowl Size  3.5 & 5.5 quart  3.5-, 4.5-, 5-, 6-, 7-, and 8-quart
  Price  Approx $300  Approx. $500

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