KitchenAid Mixer vs SMEG

Pictures of a KitchenAid mixer and a SMEG mixer meeting in the middle on the diagonal.

As of 2017, 40% of American households or members of households owned a KitchenAid product. That is a big market share that SMEG is hoping to cut into with its lineup of small kitchen appliances.

What is KitchenAid?

A wall display of KitchenAid brand small appliances

This company has been around for 102 years. In that time it has learned a thing or two about making small kitchen appliances. The company does not seem to have been a stand-alone corporation as it was started by the Hobart Manufacturing Company and is now owned by Whirlpool.

If you need a standard to judge the competition all you have to do is look at the KitchenAid products. They are well built, sturdy, and have very reliable appliances. This company has set the standard for all others to beat.

Plus, you should find their products everywhere.

What is SMEG?

A department store display of SMEG brand small appliances

This company has made its mark around the world. Its designs have won it several awards and that is understandable when one looks at the smooth lines and clean styling.

It is an Italian-based company that prides itself on creating the perfect home helper for those women who like to bake. With 70 years in the business, this company has made its mark worldwide. Like most companies, it started out as a one-man operation, and through dedication that one man built his global empire.

While they make small appliances, their business is not restricted to that area of the cooking or baking world.

How are they Different?

A display of KitchenAid mixers

The basic difference would be in their design. SMEG looks to create new styles and lines so that its mixers stand out from the ones it is competing against. Then there may be a more powerful motor inside the SMEG over the KitchenAid models. It is rated at 600 watts and Kitchenaid may not come close.

But KitchenAid’s motors make their mixers real workhorses. This durability helps the mixer top handle any mixing task you throw its way. Another difference will be in the price. The SMEG is reported to cost more than the KitchenAid appliance. That keeps their top-of-line products out of reach of the people who could benefit most from owning one.

How are they Similar?

A yellow, and a red SMEG mixer on a wall display

Both brands have placed locking devices into their mixers. This device helps the bowl stay in place until you are ready to remove it for the next step in your baking process.

They have multiple speeds in which to do mixing and kneading as well as a tough beater that makes sure no ingredient is not mixed thoroughly. Plus, they both have tilt head action so removing the bowl without making a mess is possible.

Finally, the smooth lines, great colors and ease of use are three more items these two mixers have in common.

What’s Better About KitchenAid Mixer?

A red KitchenAid mixer on a grey background

One, it is KitchenAid. This is a company that has maintained a stellar reputation for 100 years. That is hard to beat. They have built that reputation by producing great products that help every cook and baker have an easier time in the kitchen.

Then the motors KitchenAid puts into its mixers may not be as powerful as SMEG’s but they are real workhorses that get the job done. They also get that job done for years.

Also, KitchenAid does not rely on just one or dull colors. They brighten up your kitchen with a variety of good-looking tones that lets you know you are using a KitchenAid product.

What’s Better About SMEG?

A pink SMEG mixers on a wall display.

One item that stands out is the powerful motors. You should be able to mix tough recipes without any problems with all that power moving the beater. Then the 10-speed levels make this a great mixer to use.

The design seems to be convenient for the user and the overall product looks easy to use. That makes it an ideal appliance for beginners to cut their baking and cooking teeth.

Who Should Get KitchenAid Mixer?

Closeup of a stack of KitchenAid mixer boxes

This product is for anyone who likes to bake or cook. It is a smooth-running appliance that has a top-rated company standing behind its products. Any level of baker or chef can benefit from using this appliance.

Who Should Get SMEG?

Person in a chef's smock using a red SMEG mixer

This is an appliance for those richer, upper-crust chefs who like to show off to their friends. The quality of the machine helps build their reputation for quality and it makes sense for them to use it. The cost of the appliance will put it out of reach of many others who could benefit from using this fine machine.

Quick Comparison Chart

  Category  KitchenAid  SMEG
  Design  Simple, nice, and with all the essentials in easy to reach places  Simple, not so easy to reach locations
  Speeds  Up to 10  Up to 10
  Versatility  Good for more than just mixing  Maybe best for mixing only
  Motor  Powerful  More powerful than the kitchenaid
  Durability  Solidly built  Has problems especially when mixing tough ingredients
  Price  Expensive but not as expensive as SMEG  Can be very expensive
  Company  100 years old  Only 70 years old

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