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How to Transport a Refrigerator in a Pickup Truck

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Moving appliances while moving to a new residence is a tedious and stressful task. It takes time and energy. Tired by their colossal sizes, large appliances like refrigerators need very careful handling. So, if you are moving to a new residence or need to move your refrigerator for any reason, make sure someone is available to help you.

In this article, we will guide you on how to transport a fridge in a pickup truck.

Few Safety Tips Before Transporting a Refrigerator

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Avoid Injury

It is not a good idea to transport the refrigerator alone. You can seriously injure yourself trying to do something like this. There have been stories of people who tried to move a refrigerator on their own and ended up in the hospital with fractures or internal injuries. This is not the best route. There are better ways to spend time than lying in a hospital bed.

Ask For Help From At Least Two People

In addition to requiring at least two people for the heaviest weight, if you need to maneuver a flight of stairs you also need a cart on wheels. Some of them depend on the specific type of refrigerator you are transporting. For example, a one-door refrigerator is very easy to move. If you have a refrigerator with double doors or side by side, this will be more difficult.

What Should You Do Before Transporting The Refrigerator?

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Steps to Transport a Refrigerator in a Pickup Truck

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Step 1 – Use Styrofoam to Protect Your Refrigerator

You will need a Styrofoam to protect the edges of the fridge. If you have the box that the refrigerator came in, you can place the refrigerator back in the box with Styrofoam in the corners. This will keep the refrigerator free scratches as you move it around and through walls.

If you no longer have the box that the refrigerator was in, you can wrap the refrigerator in bubble wrap. After covering your refrigerator with the bubble wrap, secure it with the heavy-duty tap.  Also, if your refrigerator has a water dispenser, then be sure to protect it with bubble wrap or Styrofoam separately.

Step 2 – Move the refrigerator with Dolly

A dolly is an amazing device that is specifically designed to move larger items safely and easily. So, to transport a refrigerator you need to get a Dolly. You can borrow or rent dolly if do not own one. Slowly lift the refrigerator and place it gently on top of Dolly. Follow the instruction to secure the refrigerator with a strap on the dolly. 

Move the refrigerator upright, as this is considered the best and safest method. If you need to go up / down the staircase, the best method is to be lifted by two or three strong people. Make sure not to lean too far while the refrigerator is being lifted. After securing the refrigerator on the dolly, we will now load the refrigerator onto the pickup truck.

Step 3 – Loading the Refrigerator on the Pickup Truck

Step 3 is particularly important. Any sort of carelessness could result in an injury or a broken refrigerator. Generally, professional movers have a loading ramp attached to their truck. It makes the process lot easier. You can easily move the dolly up the ramp and into the pickup truck. But in case there is no ramp, your helpers will have to work a little bit more.

Place the dolly to the back of the truck. Now, from all the helpers, one should stand on each side of the fridge and one should stand inside the truck. The helper inside the truck has to grab the dolly handle and prepare to lift it up. All the helpers should lift the dolly at the together. While others will lift it from the bottom, the helper on the truck will lift it from the top. When the dolly is off the ground, push it inside the truck. Remember to keep the fridge always upright. 

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Step 4 – Secure the Refrigerator

Once the refrigerator is loaded on the pickup truck, remove the dolly and with the help of ratchet straps, secure the refrigerator into place. Secure one strap over the top of the refrigerator and other around the front. Before starting the truck, double-check that the straps are tightened and securely connected to the truck anchor points. 

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