How to Remove Scratches from Corian Countertops

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Life is not perfect, if it was, your Corian countertops would not get scratches on them. Try as you might to prevent it, scratches do appear on this kitchen surface. When they do, these marks can ruin the overall look that you tried so hard to create in that room.

It is not a difficult task to get those scratches out. You just have to be careful as you work, take your time, and follow the correct process. Soon your kitchen counters will look better than ever.

To learn how to remove scratches from these surfaces, just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about so that you can keep your kitchen looking its best.

Buff Out Scratches

There are a few steps to this process, and it will take some elbow grease to get the work done. But once you finished and look at your handiwork, you can be proud of the way your counters look. Here are those steps

Gather Your Supplies

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You will need some sandpaper, a sander, clean cloths, your vacuum, some soapy water or cleaners, and an abrasive sponge.

The Cleaning Step

Before you can do the rest of the work, you need to remove all the items off the countertops. You need a clean surface free from obstructions. Next, you will use the cleaning agents or soapy water to clean off any dirt, grease, or grime from the surface.

This has to be done thoroughly and make sure you dry the surface with a clean dry cloth. You can leave it a little damp for the sanding step. The dampness will help capture the dust.

Buffing the Scratches

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Step 1 – Use an abrasive cleanser and sponge. Go over the scratches and also any tough stains that did not come off during the cleaning step. Go back and forth and side to side to buff up the scratches.

Step 2 – Take the sander & sandpaper- a fine-grit will do, and then use the same motions to rub those scratches away. You do not want to put a lot of pressure on the counter. If you do, you could sand too far and create more damage. Be gentle but firm.

Step 3 – Vacuum the dust-up before it gets spread around by any daily activity in the room. Then use a damp cloth to wipe up what the vacuum did not get.

Step 4 – After wiping up the dust, examine your counters to see if all the scratches are gone. If not repeat steps 1 to 3 until they are.

When you are done, make sure the countertop is completely dry. You do not want to leave any water on top of the surface as bacteria and germs can start to grow and influence your health and the health of your family.

Polish the Countertop Surface

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You do not want to leave the countertops alone after you are finished sanding. They will not look as shiny as they could be. After buffing out the scratches and burn marks, you do need to polish the surface.

Take a good countertop polish that is made to work with Corian surfaces and a clean cloth. Using small circular motions put the polish on the surface. When the cloth gets too dirty, replace it with another clean one.

Keep going until you have finished the entire surface. Then buff the polish until the countertop shines. If you have a large surface to work on, use a power handheld buffer and pad.

How to Care for Your Corian Countertop

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What to Do:

  1. Clean on a daily basis, making sure to wipe up spills as quickly as possible.
  2. Always dry the countertop with a rag so that there is no moisture on it.
  3. Use a hard water cleaner when you live in a hard water region of the country.
  4. Always use an abrasive sponge to buff out scratches.
  5. To maintain the shine, buff out scratches and polish the surface on a regular basis.

What Not to Do:

  1. Do not place hot items directly on the countertop. Use heat pads or racks. This will avoid creating cracks in the surface.
  2. Do not cut or chop food items directly on the countertop. Use a cutting board to prevent scratches from happening.
  3. Do not put boiling water on these surfaces. Boiling water can damage the material.

Some Final Words

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Buffing out scratches is not complicated. You just have to give yourself enough time to do a good job. If you do this task on a regular basis, your kitchen will look great all the time.

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