How to Refinish Corian Countertops

Sanding wheel on a countertop

Things wear down over time.That is one of the problems with this world. Nothing that looks new remains looking new after some use. It would be nice if everything looked new all the time but that is only for a perfect world.

To keep your Corian countertops looking special and like new, you have to go through a little revitalizing process. It is not complicated to do but when you are done, those countertops look like new once again.

Take a few moments and continue reading our article. It provides the information you need to know to keep your Corian surfaces looking great. Also, refinishing those surfaces will keep your kitchen looking up-to-date and modern.

How to Refinish Corian Countertops

There is a little process you have to go through in order to get your Corian counters looking like they did when you first had them installed. Make sure to block out enough time to do a good job as this is a task you do not want to rush.

There are several steps you have to take, and those steps must go in the following order:

1. Clean those Counters

Person wearing yellow gloves wiping a countertop with a blue rag

It all starts with cleaning. Not only do you need to remove all items off the counters, but you also need to actually clean the dirt off. This is done through using soap and water, ammonia-based cleaners, or you can use vinegar and water, bleach, and water, and so on.

In this step, you should also remove any stains that have found their way onto the surface of this material. The good news is that Corian is non-porous so those stains should come off fairly easily.

If you live in a hard water region of the country, you will have to use a safe descaling cleaner to make sure all hard water stains are gone. You will have to rub the stained area fairly hard, but the key is not to use any harsh chemicals.

Those products have some tough ingredients that are too hard on Corian. Read the labels before buying to make sure those products you choose are safe to use on this countertop surface.

2. Do Some Sanding

rolled up sandpaper wrapped in a rubberband on a wooden surface

Before you take sandpaper in hand or your orbital sander and plug it in, use some sponges that have an abrasive side to them. You want to go over those scratches to clean them out and get rid of any loose items first. Sometimes, you can remove light scratches saving you the work that comes next.

After using the sponge, get your sandpaper ready. Use a fine-grit, 220 or higher, and firmly but gently sand the countertop. You want an even look so make sure to do the whole countertop and a sander makes that part of this step much faster and easier.

When you are done sanding, make sure to vacuum up the dust. After vacuuming, use a damp cloth to pick up any dust that the vacuum missed. You will want to get all the dust off, so it does not ruin the last step in this process.

3. Refinishing

Blurred kitchen view over the top of a countertop

When all the other steps are done, you need to apply the final touch to your counters. Before you start this project make sure to buy some polish and some polishing pads. Then apply the polish to the countertop directly and then start wiping.

Use small circular motions to make sure you do not miss a spot, or you can use a power tool with a polishing attachment and save yourself some time. However, for this step and for sanding, hand sand the edges and the corners.

Be patient as this will take some time to do.

4. Disinfecting

Blue gloved hand with a blue rag and spray bottle cleaning a countertop

Because you have used different items on your counter, it is important to disinfect the surface before using it again. Wait for the polish to dry completely before moving on to this step.

When the surface is ready mix some bleach and water together or some vinegar and water and wipe down the whole counter area. Once you have finished this step, take a cloth and make sure the counters are completely dry.

Do not leave any water on the countertop as you will be inviting bacteria and other germs to come and visit.

5. Clean Up

Man with a spray bottle and a blue sponge cleaning a countertop

Once all the previous steps are done, put away your tools, sandpaper and throw those cloths in the wash. You are done after that.

Some Final Words

It is very easy to refinish Corian countertops. It is not like working with vinyl or laminate. The key to all of this is to treat your Corian surfaces well. That way you can avoid this task for a long time.

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