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How to Install Sub-Zero Refrigerator Panels

Modern kitchen with Sub-Zero fridge

When you want to hide your appliances, some people like to have their fridge match their cabinets. To them, hiding their fridge is an ideal way to have their kitchen look classy. Installing fridge panels is a simple and convenient way to upgrade the look of your kitchen without going to a lot of expense.

The task is easiest when your fridge has trim packages, but you can get kits to make the installation easier. In order to do this job right, keep reading our article. It has the information you need to guide you through the process.

How to Install Sub Zero Fridge Panels

This brand of appliances may have its own unique look. Installing the panels is not that difficult if you follow the instructions in your owner’s manual or the ones that are coming up.

Step 1 – Insert the Screws

Close up of brass colored screws

For some Sub-Zero fridges, you need to install the door panel first before moving on to the other panels you want to install. To do that you partially screw in a #8 x 32 x 1/2-inch screw on each side of the door.

The screws go in the center hole in the top set of holes you will find on each side.

Step 2 – Insert the Panel

Use the screws already inserted into their holes to guide you as you position the panel. They will help support the panel and align it with the mounting brackets

Step 3 – Screw in The Rest of The Screws

Go through the mounting brackets and into the door but do not tighten these screws all the way.

Step 4 – Make Adjustments

Variety of screw driver and bits on a wooden table

Now that the panel is in place, slide the panel to the position you want it in. Once you are happy with the positioning, tighten the screws the rest of the way.

Step 5 – Adjust the Side Cams

This can be done at the same time as #4 and before you tighten those screws all the way. The side cams can help you adjust the panel vertically, they are located in the center of the door on the sides.

Keep the screws loose on the mounting brackets, then take the included wrench and adjust the cams up or down. Once you are satisfied, tighten all the screws including the ones on the mounting brackets

Step 6 – Attaching the Side Trim

After tightening the screws, put the side trim back on. This just involves lining the side trim up with the door’s bracket and snapping them into place.

To see the diagrams for this installation from Sub-Zero , just click here

How to Add Panels To Fridge Doors With Trim Kits

Chevron patterned wood panels on a Sub-Zero fridge in a grey cabinet kitchen

This will probably be the easiest replacement you can do on a fridge when it comes to panels. Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1 – Loosen the two screws at the top and the two at the bottom of the trim piece. If there are screws holding the trim top the handle, remove them completely.

Step 2 – Now grab the trim piece at the top and firmly pull and tilt the trim away from the top of the door and remove it completely as well. If yours is a bit stubborn, a little wiggle action will help loosen it up.

Just make sure not to pull or wiggle too hard to avoid breaking the trim.

Step 3 – Once the trim piece is off and out of your way, slide the panel out, if there is one to remove. Or simply slide the new panel into place. There should be a small channel to place the panel inside.

Step 4 – After sliding the panel into place, put the trim piece back on. Reverse your actions and make sure the trim piece slides under the top and bottom trims’ lip. Then replace the screws and tighten them up.

How to Place Panels on Your Fridge Without Trim Pieces

Stained wood them kitchen with a Sub-Zero fridge covered in matching panels.

This is another easy process to do and should only take a few minutes to get done.

Step 1 – Place the panel upside down on a flat surface. For example, your table or floor.

Step 2 – Get 20 1 1/2 by 3-inch adhesive strips and strips off their backing one at a time. Don’t do all 20 at once.

Step 3 – As you strip the adhesive of their backing (only do one side at this point), place 6 1/4 of an inch from the edge along the vertical sides. Then place 2 the same distance from the edge of the top and bottom edges.

Step 4 – Evenly space 4 more strips in a row and running in the same direction as the side pieces. Now remove the top adhesive backing.

Step 5 – Place the panel evenly and centered on your fridge door. Press into place starting from the bottom and going up. Make sure to square the panel with the door so go slow doing this step and be careful.

Step 6 – Press firmly once you are satisfied with the positioning and get the adhesive to bond with the door and the panel. And you are done.

When you are doing these tasks, make sure to take your time and go carefully. You do not want to misalign the panels or break any trim pieces.

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