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How to Change a Light Bulb in a Sub-Zero Fridge

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Having light is important. Not only does light brighten your day, but it also allows you to see more clearly. The right light makes any activity safer and more fun to do. The same applies to simple tasks like opening a fridge door and reaching inside.

Without the right light, your hand may miss your intended target and knock something fragile over creating a mess. When the light goes out in your sub-zero fridge, you will need to replace it before something bad takes place.

Each model of sub-zero fridges may have slightly different procedures for changing their light bulbs and the following only focuses on one process.


How to Change the Light Bulb in Your Sub-Zero Fridge

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The part called the diffuser is going to be the most difficult part to remove. Unscrewing the old light bulb and screwing in the new one is simple and like doing it in your room. The work is all in the removal of the diffuser.

Step 1 – Open the door and remove any items on the top shelf. If you want to unplug your fridge that is up to you to do as it is not mandatory.

Step 2 – There is a gap between the diffuser and the right interior wall. Place your thumb or fingers in that gap but be careful not to break the diffuser.

Step 3 – Move the diffuser to the left so you can access the brackets underneath.

Step 4 – Pull on the brackets with a gentle but firm force and then push the diffuser back until you can lower it down safely.

Step 5 – Now that the light bulb is accessible, gently turn it counterclockwise until it comes out in your hand. Place the new bulb in the threads and turn clockwise until it is tight enough. Don’t go too tight or you risk breaking the bulb and do not go too loose or there may be a bad connection.

Step 6 – Replace the diffuser by reversing the removal process. Be gentle at all stages of this process to avoid breaking anything.

Once done, replace the food items, close the door and move on to the next item in your list.

Replacing the Light Bulb in the Sub-Zero Crisper

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This is about as difficult as it is to replace the main light bulb. In other words, it should not take you a long time to get this task done.

Step 1 – Remove the drawer and the shelf in the crisper that lost its light.

Step 2 – When it comes to removing the diffuser, you may have one that simply needs to be lifted up and then removed or one that may require some squeezing before it is in the right position to remove. Make sure to look in your owner’s manual to find the right method to use.

Step 3 – Once you have removed the diffuser, turn the light bulb counterclockwise to remove it.

Step 4 – Replace the old light bulb with a new one by turning the latter bulb clockwise until it is tight and in the right position.

Step 5 – Return the diffuser to its place by reversing the removal process and then return the drawer and shelf to their original positions.

Replacing the Sub-Zero Freezer Light Bulb

White light bulb isolated on a yellow background

The good thing about this light bulb is that there may not be a diffuser to remove before you can access the bad bulb. You should check your owner’s manual to see how many new light bulbs you will need and stick with the 25-watt size.

If there is a diffuser it could be behind the ice tray and ice dispenser. The diffuser should move either to the right or sliding it forward to remove it but check your owner’s manual for your specific model’s design.

After all that is done, simply replace the light bulb like you would any light bulb anywhere else in the house. If your sub-zero does not have a diffuser to remove, all the better for you.

Changing light bulbs is not a difficult task to perform. What makes it tough is how to handle the diffuser if there is one. Then what makes removing the diffuser hard is the material they are made from.

These little parts can be made with very thin and fragile materials. If so, they can break very easily if handled in the wrong way. Be careful when handling the diffuser and the light bulb change should go smoothly.

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