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How to Get Rid of a Mini Fridge

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It is not like the old days when you could just toss your old mini fridge away and not think twice about it. There were fewer laws governing appliance disposal back when your parents were little and tossing out an old fridge, whether large or small, was not complicated.

But times change as do people’s attitudes and now getting rid of a fridge is not so easy anymore. The good news is that you have plenty of good options at your fingertips to use in order to rid yourself of an old mini fridge.

Just keep reading our article to find out those disposal options.

How to Get Rid of Your Mini Fridge

Junk yard full of old appliances

The following may or may not be in your neighborhood and you should check with your city’s waste disposal department to find out what programs are available and what laws you need to worry about.

 Curbside Pick Up

Some cities run a program where they will pick up your old mini fridge and other appliances for free. How often they do it is up to them.

 The City Dump

You can bring it to your local dump and dispose of it there. Just call them up to see what regulations you have to meet before dropping it off

 Call A Junk Dealer

These people make money off of selling used parts and recycling metal. The catch is they may not pay for the pickup of your mini fridge. You will have to give it to them

Other Government Appliance Removal Services

Your city may not have one, but your county or state may. Check all your bases first to make sure there is a program for you and your mini fridge

If your mini fridge is still working here are some other options, you can try:

Stocked mini fridge in small cabinet as if in a hotel room

 Sell It

Use Craigslist, eBay, local classified ads, or notice at the local laundromat, etc. Repair shops may be interested in the spare parts and may pay a nominal sum for the mini fridge.

Give It Away

Your friends or relatives may have a use for it and instead of taking money from them, just give it to them, and hopefully, they will have more years of use.

Donate It

There are plenty of thrift stores, charities, shelters, and even churches that may need an older working fridge. Also, there are plenty of people who can’t afford a fridge and a gift to them would be highly appreciated.

What Parts Can Be Recycled from Your Old Fridge

Blue recycling bin sitting on carpet against a white wall

Believe it or not, there are many parts of an older fridge, including a mini model, that can be recycled. Here is a list of those items you can have reused:

  • The Plastic Parts – Including the interior of doors, etc. Not all but many can be.
  • Metal Parts – It may not be a lot of metal, but it can still be added to a growing pile.
  • Compressors – If still working they can be used in other appliances.
  • Oils – These are distilled and used in other applications.
  • Key Parts – Switches, thermostats, and so on can be reused elsewhere if they are still good. The mercury inside is removed and salvaged.
  • Foam – Can be sent to waste incinerators that help create electricity for the grid.

A Word of Caution

Yellow sign that reads "Caution Please" against a blue sky with white clouds

While the above is basically good news to you, there are some cautionary things you need to be aware of before you dispose of your old mini fridge. Here are those items you should be aware of:

  1. The regulations that govern big fridge or freezer disposal also govern mini fridges’ disposal.
  2. Removal of the refrigerant must be handled by the pros. This will apply to any of the oils inside the mini fridge as well.
  3. When your mini fridge is older, you will need professionals to remove any insulation that was put inside of it. This goes for any model made prior to 2005.
  4. Around 22 states have laws banning appliances from being sent to landfills. This would include mini fridges as well.

Appliances certainly have a place in modern life. Without them, so much food would be spoiled. Yet, getting rid of them as well as disposing of mini fridges can be difficult.

Unless you have an awfully expensive model, do not expect to make a lot of money off of selling them. No one pays for sentimental value and they are all looking to get the fridge for as cheap as they can.

Look through the facts above to see which is the best route you need to go when you need to dispose of your mini fridge.

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