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How to Clean a Mini Fridge

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Our mini fridges are among the essential appliances we should keep clean all the time. Mini Fridge helps to keep our food fresh and our drink cold. And many times, they are loaded with different types of food from bottom to top.

As a result, these refrigerators have to face many actions like curry stains, veggies turning rotten, milk spills, and forgotten fruits. Therefore, we need a supportive guide on how to clean the mini fridges at our homes. Luckily, in this article, we have prepared a detailed and straightforward step by step guide on how to clean a mini fridge.

Things Needed to Clean a Mini Fridge

random cleaning supplies such as spray bottles and gloves laying on a blue background.
  • Clean Towels
  • Diluted Ammonia
  • Sealed Bags
  • Hot, Soapy Water
  • Baking Soda
  • Water+ Bleach: Optional

Steps to Clean a Mini Fridge

Step 1 – Unplug Your Mini-Fridge

Hand holding black cord against a white background

For the first step, consider avoiding any possibility of electrocution by unplugging your refrigerator. This is an easy and quick step to do. Also, it is essential for preventing work-related injuries.

Step 2 – Empty Your Fridge

To begin the cleaning process, the first thing to do is empty the refrigerator. You can empty the mini fridge in sections or at once, but I would prefer you do it at once. Remove all your products stored in the mini fridge. Ensure you have also removed the containers but don’t only move them to the other side of your refrigerator. Take out the drawers, shelving, and other removable parts.

Step 3 – Throw Away All Moldy or Expired Food

compost container full of thrown away food sitting on a hard wood floor

Throw out all moldy or expired food and also other foods which might get in touch with it. Discard the moldy and expired food in a sealed bag and dispose of it in the garbage. However, in some cases, when the moldy foods are stored in reusable containers, wash the containers thoroughly with hot and soapy water before reusing them.

Step 4 – Wash the Removable Parts

Use the hot, soapy water and washcloth to thoroughly wash your mini-fridge drawers, shelving, and other removable parts. Ensure to scrub off any stains and also be careful when washing the glass. Note that when the glass is cold, completely avoid washing it with warm water because it might break. Use diluted ammonia to remove the heavy and sticky stains from drawers and shelves. Dry every part using a clean and dry towel.

Step 5 – Clean the Interior of Your Mini-Fridge

Take a bucket with warm and soapy water. Essentially, the highly absorbent microfiber mitts and cloths are perfect for scrubbing inside the fridge. You can also use scented soap or liquid to remove the bad odor from the mini-fridges.

A simple toothbrush will help some of us who might experience trouble reaching stuck-on stains or grime in tight corners. The brush bristles are strong and flexible, aiding to get to the small spots and scrub away all dirt. Once you have thoroughly cleaned down the inside of your mini-fridge, rinse using clean water.

Step 6 – Dry All Fridge Parts

Yellow gloved hand drying fridge shelves with a blue towel

You need to ensure that drawers and shelves are completely dry before you fix them back in the fridge. Use a dry and clean cloth when drying the inside of your mini fridge. Generally, ensure everything is dried before putting it back again.

Step 7 – Disinfect Your Mini-Fridge with Sanitizer and Return All Fridge Parts

Mold and bacteria can accumulate in our fridge over time. And as a result, it is always essential to disinfect the surfaces using a sanitizer. Now put the drawers, shelves, and all other removed parts back into place.

Step 8: Vacuum the Coils and Condenser

Small red vacuum cleaner sitting on hard wood floors

Debris and dust sap the power generated in the refrigeration unit’s coils and condenser by clogging air intake. As a result, our refrigerator’s coils and condenser use more energy in keeping the fridge cool.

We can solve this issue by cleaning away debris and dust on our mini fridge. First, remove the protective grill found either on the bottom or top of your unit. Brush the fan unit and coils to free up dust and dirt. Next, use a vacuum for sucking up all debris, reinstall the grill. Wash your hands using soap and water once you are done with the cleaning. Wipe the kitchen counter, which held the drinks, foods, mini-fridge parts, and other cleaning materials.

Cleaning your mini-fridge is an essential and easy process and we should clean our mini-fridge after every two and three weeks.

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