How to Clean a Corian Sink

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1971was the year that Dupont introduced the Corian sink. That was four years after debuting the Corian kitchen countertop surface. These kitchen advances have proven to be durable, good-looking as well as strong. They can take the punishment and keep on working as nothing happened.

However, Corian sinks, like their countertop counterparts, do get dirty. Getting them clean can be a bit of a chore. If you are not sure how it is done, just continue to read our article.

It has the information you want to know about if you have or are thinking of getting in the near future.

Why Own a Corian Sink?

There are lots of good reasons. These sinks are strong and durable. Many have lasted for decades under normal use. Plus, they are heat resistant up to 212 degrees F and are smooth. Repairing can be as simple as sanding the problem away.

On top of all that, these sink materials come with a DuPont-backed 10-year warranty. This is not to mention that they are non-porous and come in a large variety of colors. Unfortunately, they are not perfect and have a few flaws.

They can be damaged by excessive heat and can burn if you place hot items on them. Also, they can get scratched, dented, or stained fairly easily if you are not careful. Overall, the positives of these sinks outweigh the negatives which are why they are a good sink to have in your kitchen.

How to Clean Your Corian Sink

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There are different methods you can use to clean your Corian sink. Since this material is the same as the Corian countertops, you can use the same cleaners you use on the latter on the sinks. The cleanser you use depends on the type of stain or dirt you have on your sink surface.

Here are some of those cleansers that will get your Corian sink looking great again.

1. Bleach and Water

Mix a 3 to 1 bleach to water solution together and pour it into a spray bottle. This solution is for fat, grease, and oil stains or spills and should mop up the mess quite easily. Just let the mixture sit on the stain for a few hours before wiping it up.

2. Oxalic Acid

This is also known as wood bleach. It is effective and should not harm your sink surface at all. There is no need to mix this cleanser with water, just scrub the cleanser as you pour it directly on the stain.

You can use either the powdered form or the semi-abrasive liquid version but do not use it if you have a septic system.

3. Cleanser with Grease-Fighting Action

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Also known as a degreaser, these household cleaning products will make your Corian sink is free from dirt and grease. These products are easy to use as all you do is put enough over the sink, spread it around with a clean cloth.

Then let it sit for a few minutes before rinsing it all away.

4. Magic Eraser

This product is for more stubborn stains that other cleaners cannot remove. Just do not press too hard when rubbing it against the sink. This is sandpaper in another form so be careful. You want to be gentle but firm.

5. Ammonia

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Avoid using harsh chemicals but ammonia-based cleaners mixed with water are okay to use. Just use a little soapy water and wipe the stains away.

6. Viakel Gel

This product is for those hard water stains that can arise in different regions of the country. Just follow the instructions on the container to use it on your Corian sink. Pour some out, spread it around and use warm water to rinse. it is that simple.

7. Baking Soda and Hydrogen Peroxide

This combination needs to be made into a paste and then applied to yellow stains. Let it sit in place on the stain for up to 24 hours before rinsing the stain and the paste away. Use a soft-bristled brush to do the scrubbing as you rinse.

8. CLR

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This cleaner is milder than abrasive cleansers and should be used on food stains, spills, and grime. The most convenient format for CLR is the aerosol can and you just spray it on and wipe it off. or spray it on a cloth and wipe the stain away.

9. Vinegar and Limescale Remover

Again, this combination is for hard water stains. Let the combination sit on the stain or stains for a few minutes before wiping it away. Rinse well afterwards.

10. Honorable Mentions

The following cleaners can work on some tough stains. You can use nail polish remover, TSP, and denture cleaner to handle many stains you hate to look at. The last product needs you to fill the sink up with water. Then drop in about 6 tablets and let the fizz take the stains away.

Some Final Words

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Never use harsh cleaners to clean your Corian sinks. Use one or more of the products above and follow directions carefully. That way you should not harm your sink. If you lose the sink’s luster, a little polish will buff that luster out and make the sink shine.

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