Can You Put Hair in a Garbage Disposal

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You need to wash your hair andthe best place to do that chore without taking a shower is the kitchen sink. That should be no problem as all you have to do is wash the loose hair down through the garbage disposal, through the drain, and out to the sewer. Sounds like a plan but is it a good idea?

To get the answer to those two questions, just continue to read our article. it provides the answers as well as other information that should help you use your disposal properly

Is Hair Safe to Put Into Your Disposal

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You may think that it is okay for you to put hair into your disposal. After all, it is not greasy, too thick and it beats cleaning out the sink. However, hair is stringy once it gets off your head and that construction can cause some problems for your disposal.

It is possible for the hair strands to wrap around the blades and cause them to lose their sharp edge. Not to mention the ability to function like normal. Plus, hair strands can wrap around other food particles and start creating a nice clog that will jam up your system.

That is not a fun task to work on. It is best to simply clean up the hair when you are done and toss the loose strands into your kitchen trash. That way you spare yourself the hassle of cleaning up clogs.

Also, non-food items, including hair, should not be put down your disposal. The garbage disposal was made for certain food items only and that rule should not be broken. Unless you want a replacement that is newer and more powerful.

Garbage Disposals Approved Actions

Sink strainer with bits of food

1. Use Cold Water – Unless there is grease you are disposing of. Some people say cold water is best for grease but that is not true. Just run the hot water long enough to make sure the liquid grease makes it to the sewer.

2. Keep it Clean – This is very important as germs and bacteria can build up over time. Not all the food particles are flushed down the drain and those items make great homes for germs, etc.

3. Cut Up Large Pieces of Food – This will help the disposal chop up those food items and dispose of them faster.

Some Final Words

Hands pulling bits of hair from a hairbrush against a white background

Always play it safe when it comes to your disposal. This is not time to push the envelope or think outside the box. The disposal is a mechanical device that is vulnerable to damage.

All of this applies to pet hair as well.

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