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Can You Put Onions in a Garbage Disposal?

Whole and cut onions with a knife on a cutting board

You May Cry at the News

When you are cutting up onions most people tend to shed a few tears. There is just something about that vegetable that makes people cry involuntarily. Precautions are always needed to avoid this common effect.

You may cry at the following news about onions and garbage disposals. It is possible that they may or may not be able to go through your disposal when you need them to. Keep reading to find out which way it is.

Is it Okay to Put Onions into Your Garbage Disposal?

Overhead view of onions and a knife on a cutting board

Sorry to disappoint you but the answer is yes and no. Some parts of the onion liked the chopped under layer should successfully disposed of by the disposal. However, not every part of the onion can go down your drain.

The outermost layer of the onion is a no-no. There is a possibility of the outer onion skin wrapping itself around the blades and creating a mess for you. Or the same onion skin can simply travel past the blades and get stuck somewhere in your drain.

When that happens that onion layer can stop other food items from traveling to the sewer. Then those trapped foods create a nice clog for you to handle. Either way, you are going to have a problem on your hands that can easily be avoided.

The Best Way to Get Rid of Onions

Overhead view of a trash can

For most of the onion pieces you have left over, it is okay for you to use the disposal. It may not be a good idea to throw cooked onions leftover from the meal into your disposal as they have gone soft and are quite pliable.

The outer layer of the onion and the cooked onions are best left for your kitchen trash. it is always better to act on the safer side of the issue than take a chance nothing will happen. Even if your efforts are successful, one day that dreaded clog will appear.

When it does, you will spend a lot of time clearing it out or a lot of money to get someone else to do it.

Some Final Words

Onions growing in a garden

Pick your battles with the garbage disposal and your drain. Make sure to save your garbage disposal for those items that will safely be chopped up and pass through the curves and corners in your drain.

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