Can You Put Drain Opener in a Garbage Disposal?

Illustration of a drain pipe with a clog and arrows pointing out the direction drain cleaner will flow

Clearing your drain when you get a clog it becomes necessary for you to open your drain up once again. Having a clear drain is essential for daily living. This task is not always easy to do as some clogs resist every effort you make.

Going to the last resort, the drain cleaner, may not be a good idea. You never know what those chemicals will do to your garbage disposal or drain lines. To find out if it is safe to put a drain opener into your disposal, just continue reading our article. It has the information you want to know about.

Is it Safe to Put Drain Cleaner in Your Disposal?

Illustration of a bottle of drain cleaner

Again, the answer is a yes and a no. There are some drain cleaners or openers that are specifically made to work with drains holding a garbage disposal. These products are safe to use, and you should be able to find them on your grocery store’s shelves.

However, make sure to read the labels first before buying. The labels of the ones you can use should be clearly marked ‘safe for disposals’ or similar terms. Those that are not marked in such a way you should avoid and not use.

They may be cheaper products by why risk your garbage disposal and drain just to save a few pennies. if you are in doubt, check your warranty if it is still valid. Some disposal warranties state very clearly that you should not use a drain opener.

If you do, you lose the protection that the warranty provides.

The Reason You Should Not Use a Drain Opener

Clogged kitchen sink with water to the top rim

There is really only one logical reason why you should not use a drain opener when you have a garbage disposal under your sink. These fluids have a lot of harsh chemical additives to them, and those chemicals can ruin the seals keeping your disposal watertight.

When those seals go, you can end up with a dirty food and water mess all over your kitchen cabinet’s interior. That is not a great mess to clean up. Protect your disposal and your cabinet and use a drain opener alternative.

Some Final Words

Over head view of a sink drain with a stopper and clear flowing water

It is almost second nature to reach for a drain opener when you have a clog. However, when you also have a garbage disposal on the same line, it is best to think twice. While some drain openers may be safely used with a disposal, the one you own may not be. Check the label to make sure.

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