Can You Put Liquid Plumber in a Garbage Disposal

Overhead view of a sink with a garbage disposal with the sink water running

It depends on your drain.There are some drain cleaners that use heat to clear away clogs and get rid of those unwanted food items that refuse to go to the sewer. Instead of tearing your drainpipes apart to rid them of those nasty clogs, it is tempting to use drain cleaners.

Drain cleaners are a better option than a metal coat hanger but some of them can damage your drainpipes. To see if liquid plumber is okay to use, just continue to read our article. It has that information and more. Take a couple of minutes to see if this clog remover is okay to use or not.

Will Liquid Plumber Harm Your Disposal

Hand pouring drain cleaner down a sink drain

Garbage disposals see a lot of different food items. These kitchen appliances do their best to chew those items up into small pieces so that they can be flushed away easily. However, this ideal does not always work out that way.

Sometimes those food items will get together and create a big clog that stops you from using your sinks. To fight these clogs, you reach for liquid plumber. Just before you start to pour some inside your disposal, you stop. You may have doubts that it is safe to use.

Yes, it is completely safe to use liquid plumber and pour it through your garbage disposal. All you have to do is follow the instructions on the bottle and make sure the disposal and tap water are running while you use it.

That is it. You have a good commercial clog removing product that won’t harm your disposal.

Clearing Out Clogs in Your Drain

Illustration of a drain being cleared

If you do not have liquid plumber in your home, there are some good alternatives you can use. And if you do not like using commercial clog removers, there are some old-fashioned methods you can use.

When you use the old-fashioned methods, unplug the disposal so no one will use it while you are under the sink. One option is to undo your drain and use a metal shirt hanger. Unfold the hanger and poke the clog until it comes loose.

The other method is to use a plumber’s snake and do the same thing. This method is best because it is not as sharp as a hanger, and it has a longer reach.

Some Final Words

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Check the instructions on the bottle of the different clog removers to see if they are safe to use when you have a garbage disposal attached to your drain. Some will be okay, and others will not. Pick the right one so you can get rid of that clog while not damaging your disposal.

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