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Can You Put Pasta in a Garbage Disposal?

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Italian dinners can be romantic, or a practical healthy meal for your family. There are a lot of great Italian dishes that use pasta as the main ingredient. There will be those times where you will make too much pasta for the meal, and you will need to do something with what remains.

Is it possible to put pasta down your garbage disposal? To find the answer to this question, all you have to do is continue reading our article. It has the answer and a lot more information for you.

Can You Put Pasta Down Your Garbage Disposal?

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If it is uncooked pasta, there is a chance that it will be possible. The popular food item would not be too strong for the disposal’s blades, and it can be chopped up into fine little pieces.

The same cannot be said about cooked pasta. While it is okay to put a very minute amount of pasta down the drain and through your disposal it is a good idea not to make a practice of it. You may forget and dump a lot of that good food down the drain and cause a clog.

The reason why you do not put pasta down through your disposal is that it absorbs water. If the pasta pieces are still in your drain somewhere, they can absorb enough water to start a big clog.

Those expanding pieces may not get very large, but they can get large enough to stop other food items and keep them from completing their trip to the sewer. The thing is, you never know where this type of clog will take place.

How to Get Rid of Pasta the Easy Way

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The easiest way get rid of pasta leftovers is to simply put it in the kitchen trash can. It is quick to do, and the pasta is out of your sight. Or if you allow your dog to eat human food, and you have a dog, give it to them.

He or she will always enjoy a great-tasting snack. That is if there is not enough remaining to serve a second time the next day.

Some Final Words

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Be safe and dispose of your extra pasta in some garbage disposal alternative. The trash can is your best bet, and it is inexpensive to take out the trash when compared to paying someone to clean out your drain.

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