Can You Put Broccoli in a Garbage Disposal

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Most kids do not like vegetables. Isn’t that the way it is when you are raising a family? Your kids like the sweet taste of junk food but the taste of vegetables is a whole other matter. When your kids leave their vegetables on their plate, you still have to dispose of them.

While some vegetables can easily go down the disposal other vegetables are forbidden. You have to identify which vegetables can or cannot be disposed of through your garbage disposal.

Keep reading our article to find out which category broccoli fits into. The answer may surprise you and give you a little relief.

Is it Okay to Put Broccoli Down in the Garbage Disposal?

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The key to sending vegetables down through the garbage disposal is to find out if the vegetable is part of the fibrous crowd or not. If it is, then you do not send the vegetable down through the disposal.

We checked several lists and fortunately, broccoli was not mentioned in the fibrous category. What that means is that it should be safe to send broccoli through your disposal and get rid of it.

Cold or uncooked broccoli should be easier for the disposal to chop up than cooked broccoli but either format should be able to go down the drain through your disposal. Just make sure to have some cold water flushing the system as you dispose of this vegetable.

The Best Way to Dispose of Broccoli

overhead view of a compost pile with a pair of hands holding dirt

This is more for those people who do not own a garbage disposal. The disposal is probably the best way to go but if you do not own one, then put the vegetable into your trash and let the city garbage workers haul it away.

Or if you are an avid gardener or very environmentally friendly, use your compost pile as a means to dispose of this unwanted vegetable.

Some Final Words

overhead view of a white bowl of broccoli

Some people say that broccoli is very fibrous and should not be put into the garbage disposal. We will disagree as broccoli is not like celery or asparagus, two vegetables that are very fibrous in nature.

You be the judge on this specific vegetable and put it in your disposal with caution. Chop the pieces up to make sure the vegetable will go down safely and out the drain. This is a trial-and-error type of vegetable and if does clog up your disposal or drain, then use the alternative disposal methods.

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