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What is the Best Kitchen Faucet for Hard Water

Faucet covered in hard water scales

Water is Not All the Same

That is one of the stranger things about life on this planet. Water is not simply divided between fresh and saltwater, but freshwater has 3 more divisions to it. Which freshwater version you get depends on where you live in the country.

Usually, you only hear about 2 of those water categories, soft and hard. There is a medium version as well, but it does not get the press. But when you live in a hard water region, you are going to experience more issues with your faucets.

To get to the right faucet for hard water homes, just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about.

What Is Hard Water

a coffee pot with hard water spots on the glass

The term hard does not mean that the water coming out of your tap is hard as a desktop. That term refers to the different salts that are found in the drinking water. Those salts come from calcium, iron, and magnesium.

What these salts do is make the water taste a little funny as well as cause different build-ups in your pipes and faucets. It is still healthy for you, but it is a wise idea to filter out those salts before you drink the water.

Problems Hard Water Causes

PVC pipes cut to show the hard water build up inside

Hard water will:

  1. Consume more soap and detergents when cleaning clothes, your home, etc.
  2. Leave ugly stains in your bathtub, sink, tiles, shower, etc
  3. Make bathing difficult as it can damage skin and hair
  4. Leave watermarks on your glasses and dishes
  5. Leave mineral deposits in your pipes, faucets, and appliances
  6. Damage faucets if they are not made from strong materials

These issues tell you that you cannot buy just any faucet and stick it in your home when you live in a hard water region of the country. You do need a faucet made from strong materials to combat the mineral build-ups and help keep the water flowing.

What to Look for in a Faucet for Hard Water

Standard kitchen faucet

1. Construction Material- You want a faucet made from stainless steel or brushed nickel. These metals resist corrosion, rust, as well as wear and tear. The tougher the construction material, the longer the faucet will last under hard water conditions.

2. Looks Don’t Matter- While they do in one sense, they are not the primary criteria here. There are other factors that come into play. Don’t buy just for looks alone

3. Water Flow & Pressure Do Matter- You want a faucet that provides a steady flow of water without using a lot of pressure to get that flow.

4. Faucet Height- Make sure to buy a faucet that is designed to be high enough to allow you to do your normal sink duties without banging the faucet.

5. Avoid High Maintenance- These faucets just add to your workload and are not always the best to buy.

6. Match the Holes- It is an ugly sight to have an unfilled hole in your sink. Get a faucet that will use the same number of holes as the sink has available.

Also, check into how easy the faucet will attach to a water filtration system. When you live in a hard water region of the country, filtering your water is essential. Especially if you are environmentally friendly. Water filtration systems cut down on the number of plastic bottles in the world.

Some Faucet Brands to Consider

Store display of kitchen faucets

When looking for the best faucet for hard water, consider the following brands and models of faucets. They may or may not be expensive, but you want the best as hard water is not easy on pipes, appliances, or faucets.

1. Delta Faucet Cassidy Single-Handle Kitchen Sink Faucet- Looks nice, is well built, and comes in different finishes to match your kitchen or bathroom’s decor.

2. Pfister Clarify Xtract Pull Down Kitchen Faucet- This is a tall faucet that gives you plenty of room underneath to work. It also comes with water filters to make sure those harsh minerals do not damage the faucet.

3. Kraus KHU100-30-1640-42CH Combo- This is a complete set that gives you everything, including the kitchen sink. it is a fine choice for hard water situations

4. WEWE Single Handle Pull Out Kitchen Faucet- Made from brushed nickel and brass and it comes in a single hole or a three-hole design to fit all kitchen sinks.

5. Ufaucet Modern Best Stainless Steel Water Filtration Faucet- Its brushed nickel finish helps prevent hard water stains and rust damage. It will swivel 360 degrees so you can get everything clean.

Some Final Words

Kitchen faucet with the water turned on

Getting the best faucet for hard water depends more on construction material than looks. But you can find both when you do a good search. Watch the price and make sure the faucet you want fits your budget.

Please keep in mind that we may receive a small commissions when you click our links and make purchases. However, this does not impact our reviews and comparisons. We try our best to keep things fair and balanced, in order to help you make the best choice for you.

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