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Kitchenaid Refrigerator Temperature Control Problem (What to Do)

Kitchenaid refrigerator set in white cabinets in a modern kitchen

Even the best equipment fails, at least at some point in time. These failures are not due to mechanical issues for the most part but electrical ones. When they happen, you need to reset those modern fridges so that all the components work up to their potential.

This is a fairly long list so to find out how to do all the different resets, just keep reading our article. The processes involved are fairly simple.

How to Reset Your Kitchenaid Fridge

1. Kitchenaid Refrigerator Reset

Red reset button on a white background

There is only one button involved in this process and it has more to do with the water filter than the fridge. Every time you change your filter, you have to hold down the filter button or the filter reset buttons.

For the filter button, you hold it until the filter icon turns blue, and then the fridge will reset itself. For the filter reset button, hold until the flashing status light goes out. The fridge will again reset itself.

2. Fridge Control Panel Reset Process

The first step in this process is to unplug the fridge for about 10 minutes. After that time period has passed, plug the fridge back in and check the controls. They need to be turned on for the fridge to start cooling again.

Then check the control panel to see if all the normal lights have turned on on the screen and the home page is there. If this doesn’t work, you will need a professional to help you.

3. Resetting the Fridge After a Power Outage

Hand holding a candle up to an open breaker box

The first thing to do is to get rid of that annoying beeping. Once the power is turned back on, just tap any button to stop that noise. Then tap another button to turn the power outage icon off.

When the screen returns you have successfully reset your fridge. There are no special buttons to push to reset the fridge. Just pick the ones you like. The fridge will do the rest of the resetting work for you.

4. Reset the Fridge Alarm

This is a little more complicated due to the fact you first have to find the source for the alarm. The alarm goes off when there is a power outage and the procedure to clear that up is in the previous section.

If you leave the door open, the alarm will sound once every two minutes reminding you to close the door. Once you do that, the alarm will turn off and reset.

5. Over-Temperature Alarm

Close up of a thermometer reading 80 and saying "Spoilage"

The only way to reset this alarm is to have the fridge’s interior temperature reach normal levels. There is a way to shut the flashing light and alarm off. All you have to do is press the alarm reset button. This is found on the control panel.

However, the light will keep returning every 4 hours until the fridge’s interior has reached the right cool levels.

6. Reset the Water Filter

There is a filter reset button that you need to push for a few seconds. Once you do that, the filter status light will go off after the fridge resets. There is also more than one way to reset the water filter.

The second way is to press the button marked water filter. Hold for 3 seconds and release. The replace filter light will go off and the filter icon will turn blue again. A third way is to press the max cool and max ice buttons at the same time, also for 3 seconds.

There will be a countdown then the icon will flash and play a little tone. When you hear the tone, the fridge has reset.

7. Reset the Temperature

Dial thermometer reading "safe" temperatures

This process also employs several steps but do not worry, they are easy to do. The first step is to unplug the fridge from the outlet. Leave the fridge unplugged for several minutes.

Then open the fridge and freezer doors and turn the temperature controls to 0 or off. After that is done, plug the fridge back in and set the controls to the temperature levels you want. It will take about 24 hours for the fridge to reach normal temperatures again.

8. Resetting the Ice Maker

First, you open the freezer door and locate the manual ice maker switch. Turn it off and then press the plastic door tab gently to turn the light off. Shut the door for about 10 seconds before opening it again and hitting that plastic tab 3 more times.

After the 3rd time, shut the door for a few more seconds. This should reset the ice maker.

9. Reset the Fridge Compressor

Shiny new refrigerator compressor

Unplug the fridge from the outlet, then open the door and turn the temperature control to 0 or off. Wait a few minutes, then plug the fridge back in and reset the temperature control. It will take a few minutes for the compressor to reset.

10. Reset to Factory Settings

Go to the control panel and push the options button. A list will appear and then when it does you find the settings option. Press that and look for the button that says factory settings. Press that and then press yes to reset and no to avoid resetting the fridge.

11. Temperature Reset

Hand holding an unplugged electrical plug with an open fridge blurred in the background.

First, unplug the fridge and wait for a few minutes. Second, open the door after those few minutes have expired and turn the thermostat to 0 or off. Plug the fridge back in and then turn the thermostat to the temperature level you want. Then wait till the fridge starts operating as normal again

Some Final Words

If these steps do not work, you should call in a professional to diagnose any problems your fridge may have. There is no dedicated reset button for the fridge and unplugging is always the first step in resetting any component.

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