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How To Install Garbage Disposal For The First Time

Man under sink with a wrench

A Garbage Disposal is a remarkable appliance that you will want to install in your kitchen as it makes it easy to get rid of food waste and helps you to keep your kitchen clean.

Installing garbage disposal for the first time is not a difficult task but there are few things that you should keep in mind before attempting to install it.

  • Checking with the local authorities about plumbing codes because some communities do not allow to install garbage disposal because of limits on sewer capacity.
  • You may also require an air gap to use a garbage disposal with a dishwasher. (Click here to know how to install a garbage disposal with dishwasher)

I know you must be getting worried after reading all that, but there is nothing to worry about. You just need the right tools and 2 to 3 hours of your time to get the job done. Just follow the step by step guidelines and you are good to go.

Tools and Material Needed to Install Garbage Disposal

Midsection view of a plumber with tool box and tool belt full of tools.
  • A new Garbage Disposal
  • Garbage disposal mounting rings and drains fittings.
  • Plumber’s putty
  • Screwdriver
  • Hammer
  • Hacksaw
  • Garbage disposal power cord
  • Extension pieces for the drain pipes
  • Channel type Pliers

Steps to Install Garbage Disposal

Step 1 – Preparing yourself for Installation

Person flipping the breaker

Begin the installation by disconnecting power at the circuit breaker. Now, remove the garbage disposal from the packaging. You will find garbage disposal and mounting ring set up along with the owner’s manual.

Before getting ready loosen the screws of the mounting assembly evenly on all of them. We need to get down the snap ring. Separate all the fittings and keep them on one side.

Step 2 – Inserting Drain Flange

Top view of kitchen sink
  • Clean the sink area around the drain opening with a rag.
  • Now, roll the plumber’s putty between your hands such that you are able to form a rope that is ½ inches in diameter and put it around the underside of the drain flange.
  • Insert the flange in the drain hole, and to give the installation a professional look, make sure the lettering is straight when you are in line with the sink.
  • Put some eight on it and press it hard. (you can use your new garbage disposal as well) You will see plumbers putty seeping out which is a good thing.
  • Remove the excess putty by trimming it with and then cleaning it with the help of a rag.

Before proceeding, make sure the flange is sealed and attached properly so that it keeps in place when you join mounting.

Step 3 – Installing Mounting Ring

Overhead view of person under sink

Now we need to install the fiber gasket, the backup flange, and the mounting ring and metal clip one by one in the same order.

  • Now, screw the screws down on the mounting ring as it helps to install everything underneath the sink easily.
  • Get underneath the sink and you will see drain flange and plumbers’ putty at the bottom.
  • Attach the fiber gasket and the backup flange (triangular attachment) to the end of the drain fitting from underneath the sink. The black up flange should be placed in such a manner that the groove on the backup flange should be facing you when you are underneath the sink.
  • Attach the mounting ring with screw heads facing you. Now before tightening the screw insert the metal ring which is the trickiest part of the whole installation process. 
  • There is a split in a ring. Just hold it around with your fingers and with help of a screwdriver pull it over to you and it will click in the place. It may take a few attempts to do that.
  • Now tighten the mounting screws until the drain extension is tightly fit beneath the sink and the putty gummed perfectly.
  • Before moving forward, check if the drain flange fitting did not move. If it moved go back under, loosen the screws, and align it again and tighten the screws.

Step 4 – Connecting the Power Cord

Hand holding power cord

Some of the garbage disposal appliances come with power wires attached. But if yours does not come with one, place your garbage disposal upside down and remove the plate beneath the device and connect the wires with the power cord as per the instructions mentioned in the owner’s manual.

  • After removing the plates take out the wires.
  • To attach your pigtail, you will need a 3/8 clamp connector as it does not come in a box. Simply screw the clamp in the fitting next to the metal plate.
  • Loosen the screws on the clamp enough to slide the pigtail to wire it with the garbage disposal.
  • Now, strip the wires down using wire strippers.
  • Most power cords and disposals have the same colored wires. Now, you are required to attach the white wire with white, black wire with black and the green wire to the garbage disposal’s ground screw.
  • Attach the wires with wire nuts and you do not want any of the little fine threads sticking out from the wire as it could result in short-circuiting.
  • Now, close the lid and screw it back tightly.

Step 5 – Attaching Darin Pipe Connection

The next step is to attach the drain pipe connection. It is easy. Just place the rubber gasket and drain pipe and connector, and screw then in the place with the metal ring provided in the bag. Depending on where your P-trap is located, you might want to cut the plastic part. 

Step 6 – Installing the Garbage Disposal

under sink view of garbage disposal

Now, what you need to do is lock the mounting ring with loops on the top of the garbage disposal.

  • Raise the garbage disposal and put the loops inside the mounting rings. Spin with your finger and the garbage disposal will get locked.
  • Make sure that the drainpipe is facing the drain outlet connection.
  • To tighten it, you will find a key in the box for this purpose. Now tighten it as far as you could until it is completely locked.

Step 7 – Connecting Outlet to P-Trap

Now measure the discharge tube and cut it to the perfect size through a hacksaw. Use the included gasket to attach the discharge tube or the P-Trap to the garbage disposal outlet.

Step 8 – Final Checks

Before you start using your new garbage disposal, just make a few final checks to ensure everything is working properly.

Run water through the channels and check for leaks. Tighten the fittings if necessary. Also, check the whole operation by running the disposal motor.

Congratulation, the installation of your new garbage disposal is complete.


man reading instructions

 Before starting the installation, always read all the instructions in the owner’s manual carefully and do not hurry. Use the tool as instructed and last but not the least, make sure all the electric connections are switched off.

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