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How to Fix Ice Maker in a Fridge

Icemaker inside freezer full of ice

It is not hard to fix your ice maker if you know what to look for. But check your warranty first before doing any repairs. If you don’t you may accidentally void your coverage and make yourself responsible for any further repairs and their cost.

This is so important that it needs to be placed first before you learn anything else about fixing the ice maker in your refrigerator. Continue reading our article to find out what to look for and how to make repairs.

How the Ice Maker Does Its Job?

A little 1/4-inch tool is the key part of the process. This tube delivers the water to the water fill valve. This part is controlled by the thermostat designed to control the ice maker’s temperatures.

From there the water is sent through a fill tube into the ice mold. It is at this point the water is frozen into ice. As the water freezes, the water supply is shut off by the thermostat which uses the solenoid to do that. Then the thermostat heats the ice maker in order for the ice cubes to slip out of the mold nice and easily.

A small motor that operates the ice rejection arm is turned on and the ice is moved to the ice bin and is ready to be used in your drinks. Once that is done, the cycle starts all over again. When the ice bin is full, the bail wire is raised, and the process is halted.

What to Look For To Fix Ice Maker

Hand adjusting ice maker dials in freezer

No matter the appliance or electrical tool or gadget you have around the house, you should create a checklist to help guide your search. Here is a short checklist when it comes to a broken ice maker:

  • Bail Wire- Is it up or down. It needs to be down for ice to be made.
  • Water Supply Line- If it is blocked, kinked or disconnected the ice maker can’t receive water to make ice.
  • Frozen Parts- Some little tubes can get frozen. Use a hairdryer to thaw them out.
  • Motor Operation- See if any ice is in the ice tray and then check the motor to see if it is still working.
  • Tap Valve- Make sure this vital part is free from ice and is still working.
  • The Solenoid- If it breaks or malfunctions, then your ice maker won’t work.

Steps to Fix Ice Maker in a Fridge

Bag of tools , gloves and a hammer on a white background

Here are some solutions to the issues that may stop your ice maker from making ice:

  1. Bail Wire – Adjust it gently or apply a little WD-40 on it to make sure it goes up and down smoothly.
  2. Water Supply Line – Simply reroute the line if kinked and if blocked, either remove the blockage with the right tube or replace the waterline. When testing for this problem, if you hear a buzz when pressing the arm for ice, then the water valve and solenoid are not broken.
  3. Tap Valve – It may be a small part but it can cause a big problem. Simply replace it if it is broken or not working right.
  4. Solenoid – Clean this part first to clear away any debris, etc. If that doesn’t solve the problem, replace it.
  5. Ice Maker Continually Runs – You can try to lift the bail wire and then remove the ice maker and clean it or you may have to replace it.
  6. Ice Maker Is Frozen – Unplug the fridge from its power supply and thaw out the ice maker and any parts that are frozen. You can use a hairdryer or wait a few hours while the part thaws without help. Keep a rag handy to wipe up any excess moisture.
  7. No Ice Ejection – You will have to replace the ice maker motor assembly.
  8. When All Else Fails – You may have to find a replacement ice maker that does work.

As you can see, troubleshooting the ice maker is not that difficult a task. You just need to find the actual problem before starting any repairs. Create your own checklist or use the one printed above to guide your search and make your repair work easier and go by faster.

Just remember not to handle this repair while the warranty is still valid.

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