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How to Deal with Fruit Flies in the Trash Can

Close up of a fruit fly on a piece of fruit

These unwanted visitors appear out of nowhere or so it seems and if you are not careful, they will multiply very quickly and soon you will have a house full of these pesky little insects. Getting rid of them can be tough as fruit flies can get into tiny little cracks and crevices and hide till the threat is gone.

To learn how to get rid of these unwanted creatures, just continue to read our article. it provides the tips you need in order to keep your home free from these insects.

How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies

Close up of a piece of banana covered in fruit flies

There are a lot of methods you can use to tackle this problem. The good news is you do not have to turn to pesticides to get the job done. You can use a variety of natural means and keep your house free from chemicals.

1. Do a Lot of Cleaning

No matter what insect gets into your home, cleaning is going to be at the top of any list helping you get rid of them. When it comes to cleaning there are several places you have to double-check to make sure nothing is lying around attracting those fruit flies.

Clean up old fruit- Any fruit left out or even their peels must be cleaned up and tossed into a secure trash bin or put down the garbage disposal. Those items will attract fruit flies faster than anything.

Don’t let spilled food and drinks lying around- Clean up those messes right away. By removing what attracts fruit flies, you stop their visit before it gets started.

Wash dirty dishes- Or you can put them in the dishwasher but make sure to close the door. An open door is an open invitation to fruit flies. Don’t let the dirty dishes sit around all day in your sink either. Take care of them right away and you won’t have a big pile to do later.

Empty the trash cans- Take all your household garbage cans outside and empty them into the big ones you take to the curb. Toss in the old trash bags as well in order to get rid of all old food items that fruit flies enjoy munching on.

Rotting fruit isolated on a grey countertop

2. Use Their Food Against Them

This is a good move if you can pull it off. Place some rotten fruit in a disposable container. Then cover the top with some plastic wrap and poke a few holes into it, keep the holes small.

Place the container in a good spot and wait. Once the fruit flies gather, you can toss the container and the flies away.

3. Use a Not So Nice Wine

Again, you will need a disposable container and place plastic wrap over it. Of course, you must add a little wine and dish detergent, first. Mix those two items thoroughly, then poke holes in the plastic. Make sure the holes are large enough for the fruit flies to get in.

After the flies enter your trap, they should get stuck because the wine and the detergent stop the flies from flying away. Toss the container away when you get as many flies as you can.

Variety of fruits being placed in storage containers

4. Put Ripe Fruit Away

When fruit is ripe, it is feast time for fruit flies. It is tempting to leave the fruit out on the counter as you may want to snack on them a little later. However, resist temptation and put the ripe fruit in the fridge.

This will protect the fruit and your health by keeping those fruit flies from snacking on their favorite meal.

5. Disinfect All Surfaces

Use your favorite disinfectant here and make sure to clean all surfaces. The cleanser will kill all the germs and bacteria that attract fruit flies and give your home a healthier feel to it.

Just make sure to get those surfaces dry before you stop cleaning them.

6. Misc. Traps

The traps described earlier can be done in different ways. One option would be to mix a little vinegar, sugar, dish washing liquid and water together and again place it in the same type of container. This should drown the little flies.

Or you can go and get some traps sold in your local supermarket. These are the same type of traps you use on normal house flies. The last-ditch effort would be to hire an exterminator. These people cost a little bit of money so make sure you can afford their services.

Some Final Words

Person throwing away trash in a flip top kitchen trash can

The main reason you fight so hard to get rid of fruit flies is that they are like other flies. They may be harmless until they land on your food or lay their eggs in your fruit. When that happens the bacteria and germs on their bodies get transferred to the food you eat.

Try one or more of the above solutions in order to keep your family and yourself nice and healthy.

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