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How to Clean a Refrigerator Magnet

random fridge magnets lined up side by side on a fridge door

Magnets can be used for anything from a tool to a decorating element. Some are very big and powerful, like the ones used at wrecking yards to lift junked cars. Others are small and help pick up dropped screws or bolts. There are also those that go on your fridge so you can communicate with your family.

When the latter magnets are used, they tend to get dirty from the daily handling, cooking, and being dropped accidentally on the floor. Once they get dirty, you need to clean them. Keep reading to learn how to do this task correctly.

Why Do You Need to Clean Your Magnets

The most important reason is that your fridge can collect a lot of different germs. Who knows where all the hands have been before they touched those magnets holding your important notes.

Here are 4 important reasons why you need to clean your magnets:

  • Dirt and dust stick to them like they do your furniture and appliances.
  • That collection can interfere with their magnetic field making it less powerful.
  • The dirt, grime, etc., build up and the magnets start to deteriorate.
  • Germs and bacteria find a home on your magnets.

Cleaning Agents You Can Use

Brightly colored bottles of cleaning agents

It is possible to try all sorts of cleaning agents to get your magnets clean, but they may not always work that well. The 3 best cleaning agents to use are as follows:

  1. Liquid Dish Washing Soap – Magnets can get a lot of grease on them while sitting there while you cook. The best way to get dirt and grease off is to use a cleaning agent that cuts grease. Dish washing liquid is great for this as it will do for your magnets what it does for your dishes.
  2. Window Cleaner – The same reason you use dish washing liquid. These cleaners can cut through dirt and grease then removing them with ease. They are also easy to use.
  3. Window Cleaner & Vinegar – A 1 to 1 ratio is all you will need to get those magnets nice and clean. The smell of the vinegar should cut through the window cleaner odor and make sure your magnets remain smelling nice and fresh.

Steps To Clean Your Fridge Magnets

Hand full of soap suds

In order for your fridge magnets to work properly, you need to keep the dirt and grime off of them. The following simple steps should help you get all the dirt and grime off those fridge magnets that help you communicate when you are not home.

Step 1

Gather Your Supplies: Decide which cleaner you will use and then get it and your magnets. Use a clean, soft cloth so you do not scratch the magnets.

Step 2

Mix The Cleanser: Before you clean, you either need to mix the dish washing liquid with warm water or the window cleaner with vinegar. If the former, then only a few drops will do.

For the latter cleaner, a 1 to 1 ratio and you do not need more than half a cup of each. The window cleaner you use as is and just spray on the magnets.

Step 3

Blue terrycloth rag on a white background

Wet The Cloth: Dampen the cloth with the cleanser of your choice but do not make it so wet that it drips with the liquid. Less is more here as you want to clean the magnets not drown them.

Step 4

Wipe the magnets individually making sure to get all the crevices, etc. (this depends on the design of your magnets)

Step 5

Using clean water, rinse the magnets off. Once that is done, simply lay them on paper towels or a towel and let them air dry.

Step 6

After the magnets are dry, just return them to their spots on your fridge.

Magnet Cleaning FAQs

Inside view of a washing machine with water

1. Can I use my washing machine to clean my magnets?

This is not a good idea as there are parts of your washing machine that are magnetized. The magnetic fields could be ruined if you place your fridge magnets inside and wash them. If that happens you may be left with a hefty washing machine repair bill. (This includes washing clothing with magnets in them).

2. How often should I clean my fridge magnets?

This will depend on how fast they get dirty or if you are what is called a neat freak. If you cook a lot, or like things spotless all the time, then once a week should do the trick. If not, then once a month is a good guideline to follow.

Some Final Words

Cleaning magnets may not be a chore you think about doing. But you should as those helpful devices collect germs, bacteria, dirt, and so on. To keep a clean healthy kitchen, do not forget to clean those magnets.

That is just another easy step in preventing your family from getting sick. Plus, it only takes a few minutes to get the job done.

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