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How to Change a Maytag Fridge Water Filter

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Clean water is important. When water is clean, you get the freshest taste, the healthiest drinks, and a refreshing characteristic that helps keep you going. But when you forget to change the water filter in your fridge, the ideal can become a taste and health nightmare.

Making sure to change the water filter in your Maytag fridge regularly protects you and your family from any contaminants the water may have picked up along its route to your glass. Keep reading to find out how to change the water filter on a May tag fridge.

When to Change Your Water Filter

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Most refrigerator companies recommend that you change the water filter about every 6 months. Maytag is no different and some brands may even recommend that you do it sooner than 6 months.

Or you may just make the change more frequently in order to have the cleanest, purest and tastiest water in the neighborhood. It will be up to you how often you change the water filter but do not go beyond 6 months if possible.

There Are Signs Telling You

Knowing when to change your water filter is not going to be a guessing game. You will be able to see the signs that let you know the water filter is coming to the end of its lifespan. Here are those signs:

  • There is a foul odor in your water
  • The water does not taste very good
  • The ice tastes as bad as the water does
  • Water pressure is lower than normal
  • The fridge does not make any ice

How to Change the Water Filter on a Maytag Fridge

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Once you do it once, you will see how simple it is to do. Just about anyone can change the water filter as long as they follow the instructions and procedure order. Different Maytag models will have different procedures.

Inside Fridge Location

1. Locate the Water Filter- This may be in the inside top right-hand corner of your fridge. Move any food out of your way and into a safe spot so you have room to work.

2. Release the Tabs– The outermost tab facing you should be pushed in order to release the cover. Once the tab is pushed pull the cover down. The bottom tab will need to be pulled forward as well.

3. Grab the Filter- Then twist it in a counter-clockwise direction and pull the filter out.

4. Installing the New Filter- Line up the grooves with the filter and insert the filter into the holder. Then turn clockwise to help secure it in place. Give the filter a slight push to lock it in place and you are done.

Base Grille Location

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1. Find the Filter- It should be near the front of the base grille.

2. Twist the Cap– Grab the cap firmly but not too hard then give it a twist and pull off. The handle should be straight up and down.

3. Remove the Cap- This is not that hard to do and when you remove it, simply set it aside where it won’t get stepped on.

4. Remove the Old Filter- You should be able to pull the old filter out and there is no point in keeping it around. Just toss it away once it is out of your fridge.

5. Replacing the Old Filter- Remove the new filter from its box and remove all the packaging. Next, slide the filter cap onto the new filter.

6. Insert the New Filter- Make sure the filter cap is vertical when you do this. Once the cap is vertical slide the new filter into place.

7. Securing the New Filter- Once it is pushed in, the new filter may be in place, but it is not secure. Twist the filter cap clockwise until it is horizontal and locks it into place. Then you are done.


A Word of Advice

In either water filter situation, you should run about 4 gallons of water through the new filter to flush the new filter. Toss the water away and once done the new filter should be ready to use.

Make a note when you replaced the old one, so you do not forget to repeat these steps in another 6 months.

Some Final Words

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As you can see, routine maintenance work is routine. This task may even get to be boring after a while when you have done it several times. But the boredom and convenience are worth it when you always have clean, fresh, refreshing water to drink or use in any number of beverage options you like.

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