Can You Put Watermelon Rinds in a Garbage Disposal

watermelon rinds in a wooden bowl on a blue wood table

When in doubt don’t do it. Those are key words to remind you that not every leftover food item is meant to be disposed of through your garbage disposal. The garbage disposal, no matter how modern or powerful is not meant for all garbage or food items.

You have to exercise some caution and judgment when you want to use the convenience of a garbage disposal. These units are very easy to use making it very tempting to dump anything and everything inside.

To find out if you can put watermelon seeds and rind inside your disposal, just continue to read our article. It gives you the right answers, so you do not harm your appliance.

Is it Safe to Put Watermelon Rinds in the Disposal

Close up of watermelon and rinds

To give you the short answer, no it is not safe to do this. Even with more powerful disposals under your sink, you should not attempt this. Watermelon rinds are thick, fibrous, and hard to chew up when they are in large pieces.

The danger of putting the rinds of this fruit in your disposal is that you could either damage the blades or burn out the motor. When that happens, you will be spending a lot of money repairing or replacing the disposal.

If you have to put watermelon rind inside your disposal, take the time to cut them up into very small pieces.

Can You Put Watermelon with Seeds in a Garbage Disposal

Close up of watermelon seeds poking up out of the heart of a watermelon

Again, the answer will be no. Seeds can be very tough and hard. More so the black ones but do not tempt things by putting the white seeds inside your appliance either. It is best to dispose of all the seeds and the rind the traditional ways.

Use your garbage cans or your compost pile to make sure those seeds and rinds disappear. These old-fashioned options will save you time and money and give you a little peace of mind knowing you are not risking the well-being of your garbage disposal.

If you must use your disposal, make sure its motor is powerful enough, at 1 HP or more, before attempting this action.

Some Final Words

Stacked slices of watermelon

Cleaning up seeds and rinds is not a fun job when you do it the old-fashioned way. But that way is the safest way to handle these difficult fruit parts. It may be slow going but it is better than buying a new disposal.

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