Best Way to Mop Concrete Floors

Mop and yellow bucket resting on grey concrete floors

When you have concrete floors, you may have thought that owning a home with concrete floors will spare you some cleaning time. That would be a bad assumption to make. Although concrete floors are more durable, a lot tougher, and harder to stain than other flooring materials, they do get dirty.

That means you still have to keep those concrete floors nice and clean, which also means you are not spared any cleaning duties. To learn how to clean concrete floors correctly just continue to read our article.

It has that information and more helping you keep your concrete floors so clean you can eat off of them.

How to Mop Concrete Floors

If you have been in the military, this duty should be a no-brainer for you. However, there are lots of people who did not have that experience and need a little advice on how to mop a concrete floor. Here are the steps to take:

Step 1: Move Large Items– Depending on what you have in the room with your concrete floors, to do a thorough and effective cleaning job, you will have to move items off the floor and out of the room.

It may seem like a good idea at the time to save on work but if you truly want your floors clean, remove all obstructions so you can work easily and get every inch of that floor nice and clean

Leg view of person in tennis shoes and jeans sweeping concrete floors with a push broom

Step 2: Sweep- Like any other flooring material, you need to sweep that loose dirt and debris first. If you don’t the dirt left behind will only remind you that you did not sweep well enough.

Get all the loose dirt and debris first before you apply any water and soap to it.

Step 3: Get Your Materials- You will need a good sturdy mop that is made to clean concrete. Plus, you can use soap and water or some other cleanser, also made for concrete.

However, be careful not to mix chemicals as you can create a toxic and poisonous cleanser that will harm your health. How much of the cleanser you will use with water will depend on the manufacturer’s instructions on the label. Make sure to read those carefully and read the warnings as well.

Hip down view of person mopping white concrete floor in front of large glass windows

Step 4: Mop the Floor- Once you have the room and the supplies ready, start mopping. You can use a circular motion or a straight back and forth method. There is no real correct way to swing that mop no matter what other people may say.

The key to mopping this or any other floor is to start in a spot that won’t leave you trapped in the furthest corner from your exit point. Plan your work well so you can leave the room without getting the floor dirty again or ruining your work.

Step 5: Rinse the Floor- Empty your bucket and rinse it out so that no cleanser remains. Also, rinse your mop and make sure it is nice and clean. Then fill it with clean, freshwater.

Once it is filled, go back to the room and start mopping the floor once again. You do need to make sure all the soap or concrete cleaner is removed. Again, start in a spot that lets you leave the area gracefully and without issues.

Close up of an industrial fan

Step 6: Let the Floor Dry- When you are done, empty your bucket, clean your mop and let the floor have time to dry. You do not want to put anything back into the room until the floor is completely dry.

The excess moisture can transfer to different items and start the rotting process without you knowing it.

Step 7: Put the Room Back Together- Once the floor is completely dry, return all items to their original spots. Or take the time to rearrange everything so the room is more functional and attractive.

Then give yourself a nice break and enjoy a good t.v. show or movie.

Some Final Words

String mop head resting against a yellow wall

Mopping a concrete floor is not rocket science. It is one of the easier cleaning tasks you can do. The key is to make sure you have the right mop and the right cleanser. After that, just get some exercise by mopping according to the method that works best for you and gets the room thoroughly clean.

Depending on the size of the room, it should not take you all morning to get the job done right.

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