Best Way to Clean Epoxy Floors

3 windows reflecting light onto a shiny white epoxy floor

It can get confusing. there are so many different types of flooring that it is very difficult to keep them all straight. Then there are so many sub-styles that it makes knowing what type of floor you have difficult.

The same applies to epoxy floors as it is not the same as an epoxy coating that covers many flooring types. But one thing that remains the same with this option as with other flooring types, is that it needs to be cleaned.

To learn how to clean an epoxy floor in your home, just continue to read our article. It has the information you need to know in order to protect your floor from damage.

The Best Way to Clean Epoxy Floors

There are several steps involved in the best way to keep your epoxy floors nice and clean. These steps can be done daily, weekly, monthly, and annually. It all depends on the type of cleaning step you are using.

1. Sweep- No matter which flooring you have, except carpet, you will always end up sweeping the floor. This gets the loose dust and dirt before it is stepped on and driven deeper into the flooring material. This is a step you should do on a daily basis. If you do, the other steps should be a lot easier.

2. Vacuum- Instead of sweeping, this easier method will do the same thing but without extra effort. Vacuuming will get the loose dirt and dust and the harder more stuck on dirt that sweeping can’t pick up.

The only advantage sweeping has over vacuuming is that it is easier to get into corners with a broom. This can be done every day, every other day, or once a week depending on the amount of traffic you get on those floors

3. Spot Cleaning- This is reserved for those stains that resist sweeping and vacuuming. Also, when you spot clean, you are not doing the whole floor just those spots that need your attention.

You can vacuum some of the liquid spills up, or just use a mop. Epoxy floors have a liquid resistance so cleaning spills is not hard. If there is a stain, just use the right cleanser to get rid of it.

Cleaning Very Dirty Epoxy Floors

Person wringing out mop in a yellow mop bucket

In this method, you are going to incorporate at least two of the cleaning methods already talked about in the previous section. You will need to sweep and vacuum just to make sure all the loose dirt, etc. are gone.

Then, fill a bucket with epoxy cleaner, follow the instructions on the label and add only the recommended amount of water. Once the solution is ready, take a foam mop and dip it into the bucket.

Don’t worry about excess moisture as the floor can handle it. Just do not put too much on as then your cleaning gets messy. Mop the floor with the cleaning solution. Then empty and rinse the bucket.

When it is clean, fill it with hot water and rinse the floor.

Watch Hazardous Spills and Stains

View from floor level of a speckled garage floor, garage door, and car

When your epoxy floor is in your garage and you like being a home mechanic or you like mixing paint in the garage before using it elsewhere, be careful of spills. Not only can oil, paint, and other auto fluids leave stains on the floor, but they can also cause some damage as well.

The key is to wipe up those spills as soon as they happen. Do not let any liquids remain on the floor for any length of time. The best tool to use to wipe up these spills is an old clean towel.

How to Clean a Dirty Garage Epoxy Floor

White car with hood up in large warehouse style garage with shiny grey epoxy floors.

The key is in using the right cleaner. Garages will get spills, stains, tire marks, and other dirt on them constantly. Eventually, you will have to clean it up, and that is not always going to be an easy task to do.

However, if you pick the right epoxy floor cleaner the job should not take too long. The first step will be to let the cleaner soak over the tire marks and other stains. Let sit for 5 minutes, then use a nice stiff nylon brush to clean up those stains.

You do not need to press hard to get those stains off. Make sure to read all the instructions before you start to clean. That will protect your floor from any common cleaning mistakes that can take place.

To avoid stains from taking hold on your floor, place some cardboard down between your car and the floor. that will help minimize the stains and ease your cleaning effort.

What Not to Use

Man in a blue jumpsuit and hat holding a paint roller in one hand with the other hand extended to say "Stop" on a yellow/ orange background.

Not all flooring materials are the same. Some can handle all types of cleaning solutions while others are more sensitive to one type over another. Epoxy floors fit into the last group. there are different types of cleansers you should not use when you want to clean that type of flooring material:

  1. Any cleaner with citrus ingredients
  2. Vinegar
  3. Soap-based cleaners

The reason you do not use these items is that the first two can damage the floor and the last one will leave a soapy residue that ruins the floor’s look.

Some Final Words

Epoxy floors may be durable, strong, and easy to walk on but they need cleaning if they are going to last. Find the best epoxy cleaner for your floors and make sure to follow all instructions.

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