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How to Remove Drawers from a Sub-Zero Fridge

Kitchen with dark cabinets and stainless steel Sub-Zero refrigerator

Fridge drawers remove simply, don’t they? At least that is the prevailing thought. For many decades removing a fridge drawer was a piece of cake but as time goes on and technology keeps upgrading, things change. Upgrading fridge drawers is not out of the question.

Also, some companies forget that old principal KISS or keep it simple, stupid. They like complicating the designs of fridge drawers for whatever reason they may have. To learn how to remove Sub-Zero fridge drawers just continue to read our article. It has the information you need.

How to Remove Drawers from a Sub-Zero Fridge

Modern kitchen with half white cabinets and half dark gray with a stainless steel Sub- Zero fridge

For the different procedures on different fridge models, make sure to have the fridge door or doors open to no less than 90 degrees. There will be two different door designs mentioned in this section.

1. Side by Side Or Over And Under Doors

Step 1 – Pull the drawers toward you until they come to their end.

Step 2 – Lift the front of the drawers and again pull towards you. Once you do this, the drawer should be free from its slides.

To replace the drawers, close the slides and then align the drawer runner with the slides. Push the drawer to the back and press down on the drawer to engage those slides.

2. French Doors

Step 1 – Make sure the fridge door is at 90 degrees or more when open. Then remove non-adjustable doors first.

Step 2 – Next, remove the lower drawer first before removing the upper drawer

Step 3 – When it is the upper drawer’s turn to be removed, lift the glass shelf out of its place and put it somewhere safe. This will give you the room you need to remove the upper drawer.

Step 4 – Open the drawer until it reaches the end of the slide, lift it up and pull it towards you again.

Step 5 – Return the slides to their closed position until you are ready to put the drawers back in.

To put the drawers back into their proper spots, make sure the slides are pushed all the way in. Next, align the drawers with the slides and push the drawers all the way in and until they stop moving.

After that, if you have trouble with those two steps, you may either need to go from the underside of the door to install the drawers or remove more glass shelving. That last one should give you plenty of room to maneuver those drawers into place.

Once in place, press down on the drawers to engage the slides once again. That is all there is to it.

Removing Electrolux Fridge Drawers

Electrolux Fridge in a beautiful farmhouse style kitchen

Not every refrigerator manufacturer makes their fridges in the same way. Different companies have different methods to remove the drawers they include in their appliances.

Electrolux has designed its own system which may save on space but can be inconvenient if you are in a hurry. They have a special order for you to go in and it starts at the top and goes down.

Step 1 – Open every drawer one at a time and remove all the contents. Then close the empty drawers except for the top one. This one has to go first in order for you to have room to remove the next drawer.

Step 2 – The drawers work on slides similar to dresser and cabinet drawers and they can be removed in the same manner as those two counterparts. Pull the drawers all the way open and then grab the sides at the front.

Lift up and pull towards you to remove the drawer from its slides.

Step 3 – Push those slides back in so you have room to remove the next drawer in line. Keep repeating Step 2 until all the drawers have been taken out of the fridge.

Step 4 – To put the drawers back into position, start with the bottom drawer and reverse the process. Work your way up to the top one in order to finish the task.

Some Final Words

As you can see removing and replacing the drawers is not a difficult task to do. Some slides and runners are removable to facilitate cleaning and should not be that hard to remove or replace.

The key is not to get frustrated when you are trying to put the drawers back in. As easy as the system is, sometimes you may miss the slide.

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