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How to Plug a Garbage Disposal Dishwasher Drain

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Placing a plug to a garbage disposal dishwasher drain is a significantly easy task. But you will not find much information about it on the internet. Well, do not worry. In this article, we will walk you through it.

In most of the kitchen setups, the dishwasher drain hose is connected to the garbage disposal. But when you disconnect and remove the dishwasher, you are left with a hole on the top side of the garbage disposal and you have no idea what you should do with it.

It seems like it is not a big deal at first to leave the hole open, but when left open, all the water supply will drain out from that hole instead of going through the proper channel. So, it is better to plug it as soon as possible.

Tools and Material needed to Plug a Garbage Disposal Dishwasher Drain

  • Rubber cap
  • Hammer
  • Bucket

Steps to Plug a Garbage Disposal Dishwasher Drain

Step 1 – After removing the dishwasher drain hose, place a bucket near the garbage disposal dishwasher drain hole and let the remaining water drain out in the bucket.

Step 2 – In order to plug a garbage disposal dishwasher drain hole, you will need a rubber cap first which is easily available at any hardware store and it costs around $1. The rubber caps are available in different sizes and the sizes vary from 3/4 “to 1/2 “. Just measure the size of the drain hole and get the rubber cap accordingly.

Step 3 – Now all you have to do is take one of the rubber caps and stick it in the drain hole. Press it with your thumb and push it inside the drain hole to secure the opening. If you are worried that it has not fit properly then you can hit it a little bit with the help of a hammer.

Be careful not to push it very hard inside the garbage disposal as it will get difficult to remove it when you decide to install the dishwasher again.

And we are done.

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