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How to Hang a Picture with Wire and Two Hooks

Picture wire and hooks on a blue background.
Picture wire and hooks on a blue background.

Not everything is as we want it. This seems to be the case when you are buying some great artwork that will go perfectly in your living room, etc. You are so enamored by the complexity and beauty of the colors that you forgot to check to see if it came with a wire to hang it up.

When you discover it is missing, do not worry. There is a simple way to attach a wire yourself and get the beautiful picture right where you want it to be. Just keep reading our article to learn how to attach the wire and hang the picture yourself.

What to Watch Out For

Sawtooth picture hanging bracket and 2 brands on a white background

There is a lot of hardware that will work well when you are needing to hang your nice picture and its gorgeous frame. But you have to be careful as not all hardware used for picture framing will work.

There are other things you need to be concerned about as well. Here are those items to watch out for:

1. Sawtooth and Eye Hooks – Both will hang many pictures but they are not a very secure option. Sometimes the wood in the frame is too soft or too heavy and these two pieces of hardware just do not have the strength to hold on tight.

2. Wire Strength – Not every piece of wire, even if it looks sturdy enough, will hold the weight of the frame. You need to find out how much weight the wire can actually hold before it breaks.

This is called break strength and it would be wise to stay a few pounds under that weight capacity to be safe. Remember that wire has to hold that frame in place for years.

The Right Hardware to Use

Pile of picture frame d rings.

There are a lot of good choices to use in your hardware store but not all will fit your walls or the frames. Some may be too weak and only good for very light pictures while others may be too bulky and not look that good when you are done.

1. D-Rings – These are especially handy when you want the wire to hold your picture just right. They attach easily with a screw and your only concern will be to make sure the screw is strong enough to hold the D ring in place.

Also, this option allows you to forget the wire and just hang the picture directly onto any nails you have in place on your wall.

2. Steel Plates – These are very strong and should accommodate the wire you need as well as the weight of the frame. You will have better security when using this hardware option.

Attaching the Hardware

Closeup of a drill screwing in a small wood screw into a board

This is actually a fairly simple task to do. The key is to make sure you get the hardware pieces in the right spots on both sides of the frame. It is not just the location at the side of the frame that is important, but that you also get the same measurement for each piece from the top of the frame.

Measure carefully so that the two pieces align correctly. For the side of the frame location, you want the hardware to be about 1/2 inch from the inside frame edge. Use a #3 or #4 wood screw to make sure the hardware is very secure.

Once the hardware is in the right spots, thread your wire through one side pulling the end all the way through the hardware on the other side. Pull enough through the other side to wind the wire around itself and secure it in place behind the frame.

Once you have the right amount of excess on both sides, secure the wire and you can use a pair of pliers if you need to.

Hanging the Artwork

Woman hanging artwork on a wall

This step is essential if you want to have your picture hang perfectly. You must take accurate measurements in order for the picture to be straight when you are finished.

Step 1 – Turn the picture over so the wire is facing you. Then put your fingers on the middle of the wire and pull it all the way up. Once the wire is at its highest point, use a tape measure to measure from that point to the top of your frame.

Step 2 – Mark the spot on the wall where you want the frame to sit. Use the frame to give you a straight line on the wall.

Step 3 – Find the center point of the mark on the wall and place your tape measure at that point. Measure down till you find the spot where the wire is at its highest point. Then make a mark. That is where your nail or picture hanger will go.

Step 4 – Place the nail or picture hanger on that mark, secure it and then hang your picture.

Hanging a picture is simple and easy to do. All you have to do is not overthink it and find the best spot on your wall. Then just follow the above instructions in order to get the right hardware and wire.

You will find that you will have many options for the hardware and wire so choose the best one for the weight of the frame.

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