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How to Clean Samsung Refrigerator Vegetable Drawers

Empty clear fridge drawer

It is a dirty job, but someone has to do it. You may have been delaying cleaning up that mess in your fridge, not because you do not know how to clean the plastic drawers but because it is a dirty mess.

Normally, most people tend to look at their shelves and leave the drawers alone. But these drawers still get dirty, and someone has to take the time to clean them up. To do it quickly and efficiently, just continue to read our article.

It has the instructions and information you need to do the best job possible.

Why You Should Clean Your Fridge Drawers

Fridge and clear fridge draw full of fruits and vegetables

While ‘cleanliness is next to godliness’ that is not the main reason why you should take the time to keep those drawers clean. That saying helps motivate you but there are more practical reasons why you should do this chore.

  1. Food Has A Short Shelf Life – While food does last longer in the fridge, it still will go bad eventually. When it does, germs and bacteria can find places to grow. This event creates an unhealthy environment for you and your family, so cleaning is essential for your health.
  2. Your Fridge Performs Better – Believe it or not, a clean fridge uses less energy and works a lot better than a dirty one. Keeping the fridge interior clean, including the drawers helps you save on your energy bill, as well as helps the fridge to last longer.
  3. You Save Money – Not just in your electrical usage and bills but in helping all the parts last longer. Dirty parts, like drawers, can wear out faster if they are not kept in top condition. Replacing those parts that break can be costly and you have better places to spend your money.

Steps to Clean Samsung Refrigerator Vegetable Drawers

Woman in green apron kneeling in front of refrigerator door holding a clear plastic fridge drawer

This won’t take long to do, and you can easily find about 15 to 20 minutes of free time to do this chore. Once it is done, you can forget about it and go on about your day.

Step 1 – Empty the Drawers

This is just common sense, and it will give you a chance to throw away leftover food that has gone well past their eat-by-date. Get the loose jam or syrup spills at this time as well as any wrappers that have stuck to the drawers.

Step 2 – Use A Good Cleanser

There are lots of top cleansers you could use but most have harsh or harmful chemicals in them that are not good for you or those fridge drawers. All you have to use instead is a mixture containing 2 parts water and 1 part vinegar.

Step 3 – Spray the Drawers

Put the mixture in a spray bottle and spray the drawers completely. The reason you spray is that the little droplets can get into those small corners or design edges than if you wiped the drawers.

Step 4 – Let Soak for A Minute

If there are tough stains, you should let the mixture soak in first before scrubbing. This delay will make cleaning the drawers a little easier.

Step 5 – Scrub Well

Don’t use an abrasive sponge or cleaning tool. Use one that will not scratch the drawers’ plastic material. If the dirt and stain do not come off well, just spritz again with the vinegar and keep going till the stain is gone.

Step 6 – Don’t Forget the Slides Or Drawer Tracks

Make sure you spritz these areas as well. Germs can find a home just about anywhere so you cannot leave the tracks uncleaned. For scrubbing, use an old toothbrush that is clean and be thorough when you do this area.

Step 7 – Air dry

This is a good method to use. It may take longer but it gives the drawers and the fridge a chance to rid themselves of the vinegar odor. You can use a towel if you want if you do not have the time to wait.

Step 8 – Fill the drawers

Once the drawers are dry, put them back in their place and then put your food back inside the drawers.

Tips to Consider

Woman with hair in a bun wearing blue gloves, spraying cleaner and wiping it with a sponge in a regrigerator

When you are done scrubbing with the toothbrush, you should toss it away. Even though you can clean it, it is best to always do the cleaning with a clean utensil and not one that could possibly be filled with germs.

Also, instead of using the vinegar and water solution, you can use a mild dish washing soap or a mixture of baking soda and water.

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