How to Clean a Wall Heater

Gas wall heater on a grey wall with hard wood floors

Cleanliness is next to… You fill in the blank, but a clean home is a very healthy home. that makes it a safe, secure place to be. Part of having a clean home is making sure your wall heaters are nice and clean.

These appliances need a good cleaning just like any other appliance does. Once clean, they will perform better and hopefully work more efficiently so you save money. Take a few minutes to find out how to clean your wall heaters and make your home environment healthier.

How to Clean a Gas Wall Heater

Gas wall heater on a bright orange wall

This is not as dangerous as it sounds. Natural gas heaters are safe to use and clean. If you follow the right cleaning procedure, you should have no problem keeping the dirt, dust, and grime away and protect your heater from harm.

Step 1 – Turn the heater off and let it cool first.

Step 2 – Separate all removable parts and set them in a safe spot. You do this before cleaning, so you do not lose any screws or small pieces.

Step 3 – Clean each piece one at a time. Whether you start with the big or small pieces first is up to you.

Step 4 – To begin, you should dust or wipe any loose dirt or dust off each piece before using a cleaning solution to get the rest of the dirt, etc.

Step 5 – Give special attention to the fan blades and other parts where dust is more likely to settle.

Step 6 – Never pour water into any of the parts nor the wall section of the heater. Use a damp rag, brush, or other cleaning tool dipping them into the cleaning solution before wiping the parts down.

Step 7 – Let the parts air dry in a non-air flow space. The airflow can bring more dust to your nicely cleaned parts.

Step 8 – Reassemble your gas heater and turn it back on if you need it to heat the room.

How to Clean an Electric Wall Heater

Electric wall heater on a brick wall with people in the foreground holding out their hands to warm them over the heater

There are two main reasons why you clean your electric baseboards. One is that they do not look very good and can spoil the overall decor of your room. Two, they do not work very well when clogged up with dirt and dust.

To get your baseboards working like they should, just follow the upcoming cleaning steps:

Step 1 – Shut off the power to the heaters. This means either pulling the fuse or switching the breaker off.

Step 2 – Remove the cover. This is done by removing the screws holding the cover in place.

Step 3 – Once the cover is off, look for any large pieces of debris or food crumbs. Pick any crumb or piece of debris off that you think is too large for your vacuum cleaner to get.

Step 4 – Using the soft bristle attachment, vacuum the cleaner paying special attention to the heating fins. Do not put a lot of pressure on the heater as you do not want to bend the fins.

Step 5 – If there are hard-to-reach places take an old soft-bristle paintbrush and sweep those areas first, then vacuum up the dirt and dust. Use the brush everywhere you can’t reach with your vacuum

Step 6 – Take a soft, damp cloth, and wipe any loose dust or dirt off the fins, the cover, and any other part you think needs the extra cleaning touch.

Step 7 – Replace the cover and turn the power back on to the heater.

WARNING: In both cleaning situations, make sure to avoid using any cleanser that is flammable or has a chemical base.

What About a Wall Heater Cleaning Service?

Person in a blue apron holding a cleaning bucket in one hand and a dust mop in the other

This is a possibility especially if you are a bit handicapped and cannot bend down to effectively clean your wall heaters. There may be wall heater cleaner specialists out there but that service may be a small part of a general cleaning service services.

The problem is that there may not be a large selection of wall heater cleaning companies to choose from. Plus, they may not be certified to handle gas wall heaters. Check with the general cleaning companies to see if they do handle cleaning wall heaters and then pick the most reputable one.

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