Can You Put Limes in a Garbage Disposal

Whole and cut limes sitting on a wooden surface

There are Two Sides to Every Action

One side will say it is okay to put limes down your garbage disposal. The other side will say the opposite. Both sides have some really good points to support their side of the argument. In the end, you will simply have to make your own choice.

Those that say it is okay to do this use limes as a way to freshen the scent of the disposal. Those that say not to claim the rind will get stuck between the blades or in your drain.

Which side is right? Keep reading to find out the answer to his dilemma.

Is it Okay to Put Limes Down Your Disposal

lime, peeled with peeling in a corkscrew shape

Both sides are basically correct. Garbage disposals tend to get fairly foul-smelling, and something has to be done about that bad odor coming up out of the drain and into your kitchen.

Putting limes into your disposal will help it smell better and mask that foul odor. However, if your lime pieces are too large, then the other side is correct. Those larger lime pieces will get stuck either in the disposal or in your drain.

What you really need to worry about is if the acidic nature of the lime juice. This juice can eat away at the inner workings of your disposal if you let it remain in there for too long. It is important to mask the foul odor of the garbage disposal, but you do need to be careful when using natural solutions to do it.

The Best Way to Get Rid of Your Limes

Person scrapping food scraps from a cutting board into a compost heap

Like other food items, the quickest and easiest way to dispose of your limes is to those rinds into your kitchen trash. They are gone and out of your sight in seconds.

The second-best way to get rid of those used limes is to put them into your compost pile. This may not be an option for many people since they do not have a garden to use the composted materials.

But if you do put them in your garbage disposal, make sure to cut them up nice and small. That way they should clear the drain easily and not cause a clog.

Some Final Words

Limes in a basket with a lime cut in half on the table in front of the basket

Limes are like lemons and oranges in that you have to be careful when you place them down your sink’s drain. Even with the disposal, they may not totally disappear and come back to haunt you at a later date.

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