Can You Put Ice in a Garbage Disposal?

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It is a Nice Myth

Many people feel that putting ice down their disposal will sharpen the blades. Ice, eggshells, and other semi-hard food items are all said to sharpen the blades. But that is a nice myth with unknown origins.

Believe it or not, a lot of people swear by putting ice into their disposal as it ‘sharpens the blades.’ If you want to know the truth and forget the myth, then continue reading our article. It has that information and more. Take a few minutes to dispel the myth and go with the facts.

Nothing But the Facts

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What many people do not realize is that garbage disposal blades are not that sharp, to begin with. They are not built with a sharp edge like a carving knife. These blades would not cut cake let alone a marshmallow.

They are blunt pieces of metal called impellers and it is the speed of the motor and the blades, not the blade’s sharpness that crushes the food into smaller pieces. These blades should not really be called blades as they are very dull.

They work with the power of the motor to break food items down into little pieces that will harmlessly pass through your drain. If you have a powerful motor, then those impellers can handle tougher food items. But not too much more as they can have the same problems as a weaker disposal encounter.

Can You Put Ice Cubes in a Garbage Disposal?

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You really should not do this as the hard ice can create problems for the wheel that turns the ‘blades’. Those wheels are not always the toughest part of the disposal and are usually made from lesser construction materials than the blades are made from.

The same goes for the more powerful garbage disposals. A few pieces of ice cubes from time to time may be okay but you are really not sharpening the blades. You are putting them at risk especially when you put a lot of ice down the drain.

Some Final Words

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There are many people who will believe the myth. They will put ice down their garbage disposal thinking they are helping it out. Instead, all they are doing is putting their handy kitchen appliance at risk of being damaged in some way.

Don’t listen to the myth but look for the truth and get all the facts before leaping into action. You will save time, money, and a guilty feeling.

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