Can You Put Celery in a Garbage Disposal

vairety of cuts of celery on a slatted wooden surface

Celery & Cheez Whiz, this food combination makes for a great snack. It is tasty, helps you keep to your diet and is easy to prepare. Once you become full though, there is still the problem of disposing of this great-tasting snack.

The garbage disposal is an easy and convenient choice but that may not be the best idea. Celery is a very fibrous food, and you may have trouble after you send the celery down the drain.

The disposal may be quick and easy to use but it is not always the most intelligent option you can use. Keep reading to see if you can put celery down the garbage disposal or not.

Is Putting Celery Down the Garbage Disposal a Good Idea

bowl of chopped celery sitting on a rough wooden table with whole celery behind it.

No, it is not. Celery, as we said earlier, is a very fibrous vegetable. It may be good for salads and diets but this vegetable is not good for disposals. One reason why you should not put celery in the drain is that those long fibers will wrap themselves around the disposal’s blades.

Once they have done that, those blades can get damaged. Replacing disposal blades is not fun nor cheap. Nor is replacing the disposal. So, think twice before doing this option.

If by chance the celery does make it past the blades, it is possible for those long fibers to catch onto something else and cause a clog in your drain. This clog can happen anywhere along the drain line although there are a couple of key areas where it happens the most.

To clear this problem, you will need a good monkey or adjustable wrench to remove the pipes and then attack the clog.

The Best Way to Dispose of Celery Stalks

Close up of celery stalks

Composting is the best way to get rid of natural foods. Vegetables like celery will decompose over time and provide rich nutrients that your garden occupants love. Those flowers, vegetables, and fruits will be able to grow a lot healthier and bigger because of the time you invested into composting.

The other way to get rid of celery stalks, other than your disposal, is through your trash can. it is also quick and easy to do.

Some Final Words

close up of a pile with the root end of the bunches of celery pointed towards the camera

Disposals are fun to use when you use them right. they can get rid of a variety of food items in a blink of an eye. But if you send the wrong food down the chute, like celery, you will see those food items again.

Cleaning up clogs is never much fun, nor does it smell good.

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