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Best Way to Clean Dog Urine from Laminate Floors

Beagle puppy sitting next to a puddle of dog pee on hardwood floors.

Dogs give so much. When you own a dog, you get all the love, compassion, and companionship you need. A dog also provides you with a non-judgmental shoulder to cry on when you need someone to talk to and let your emotions out.

However, dogs are not perfect. They are as close to perfection as you can get but there are days when they have their own share of accidents. When they do, you have to clean up those messes as best as you can.

To get dog urine off of laminate floors the right way, just continue to read our article. It has the information you need to know about.

How to Clean Up Dog Urine from Your Laminate Floor

There is a little process you need to follow in order to get rid of the liquid, the stain, and the odor. It won’t take long to do, depending on the size of your dog and the size of their accident.

Step 1: Soak It Up– When you discover that your dog had an accident in the wrong spot, the first thing to do is wipe up as much of the liquid as possible. Use an older towel for this and not your wife’s good towels.

It is best to use paper towels, a rag or two, or an old towel that no one is going to use any time soon. Then use a blotting action to get as much of the liquid up as possible. Rubbing it in the traditional way will only spread the mess around and give you more of a clean up headache.

Pair of legs wearing blue jeans mopping hardwood floors with a lime green mop with a bucket and couch in the background.

Step 2: Mop the Area- After soaking up the liquid, get out a mop and wash the area. This action will pick up any liquid left behind and make sure your floor is clean again. Paper towels and rags do not always get everything, and a little mop action just makes sure the mess is gone for good.

Step 3: Remove the Odor- The unfortunate thing about laminate floors and dog urine is that the latter leaves an odor behind, and the former can absorb that odor. That leaves you with a reminder of where the dog had its accident.

You will want to scrub the area with a good cleanser in order to remove any odor. There are some good cleaners on the market that have the chemical ingredients that remove pet odors, including urine smells.

Clear glass jar of baking soda spilling over onto a black surface

Step 4: Use Natural Products- This is a good step to skip to if you are not a fan of chemical cleaners. Those chemical cleaners do have their drawbacks and if you want a healthier home, it is best to go with natural products.

You can use apple cider vinegar, baking soda, and other odor removing natural products that are safe for your pets and your family. Once you have completed these steps, your laminate floor should look and smell like normal again.

What to Do When There are Stubborn Stains

Stained and damaged hardwood floors

The good thing about laminate floors is that you do not have to replace the whole floor to get rid of the stain. Carpets are another story and when the stain and smell can’t be removed, you are looking at replacing the whole carpet, not just one square.

With laminate floors, they go down in sections and it is easy, and less costly, to replace those tiny sections. You may have some left-over laminate in your basement or garage that will fit right in with your pattern and save you some money.

The replacement can be done by you if you are a good DIY person, or you can call in someone who can do it for you. How you replace it is up to you. The former method is cheaper by far.

How to Prevent Future Accidents

Beagle puppy walking around on hardwood floors

The answer to this problem is that you will have to keep an eye on your dog when they are indoors. If they are showing signs of committing another indoor infraction, then you need to attract their attention by calling their name or directing them to the door.

You may find some products that may help discourage your pet from peeing inside the house and use them when you need to.

Some Final Words

Jack Russell terrier puppy curled into a ball sleeping on dark colored hardwood floors.

Having a dog in the house means you are never alone. However, it also means that you may have some cleaning issues to deal with when they do not get outside in time. Older dogs are more prone to not wait till the door is opened before they go to the bathroom so keep an eye open when you are around the house and spare yourself the cleaning trouble.

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